Renm aventador limited edition corsa - guide - lamborghini gallardo

I actually did a PhotoShop render shortly after Lamborghini unveiled the Aventador J or Jota at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show showing a closed coupé version of the one of a kind Jota, and I must admit it did look rather well, somehow I think the idea caught some interest, and as great minds think alike behold the Lamborghini Aventador Limited Edition Corsa by Renm Performance … combining some elements from the Jota with their own development to create something really special.

At the moment these photos are still computer renders, but RENM Performance has firm orders for several of these LE-C models, albeit with different option, making each of them unique, just like the factory built Jota.

The RENM Performance Aventador LE-C isn’t just an Aventador with some wings and wheels mounted onto it, they actually developed a very impressive, track style super car based on the Aventador. Just take a look at the front, the entire front section has been remodeled with the aggressive looks of the Jota in the back of their minds, it isn’t identical but it does look at least as nice I think. And with the clear carbon fiber you are sure this isn’t adding much weight to the overall car anyway.

On the side we also get some serious carbon fiber, the entire side sill and intake section in front of the rear wheel is made from clear carbon fiber now, just behind the front wheel we get a little vertical wing like the Jota had, but by using the same black shade all the way up on the side air intakes the look is totally different, perhaps even more aggressive. While being on the side we also notice the carbon fiber covers on the exterior rear view mirrors and on the shoulder mounted air intakes … RENM Performance didn’t go for the by now classic carbon look or black roof, you must give them credit for not taking the easy route here.

Again, while most tuners would just install a large (or small) rear wing on top of the standard, adjustable unit, RENM Performance actually tried and tested using a large, race style wing at the rear of the car, but quickly found out it didn’t increase down force enough to warrant the decrease in top speed. So they abandoned the idea of an additional rear wing and made the more difficult choice to re-engineer the standard rear wing and finish it in clear carbon fiber along the way to make it blend in better with the rear section of their LE-C.

You might think the rear of the RENM Performance Aventador LE-C looks like the factory built Jota, and the upper section between the taillights actually does, but everything below that has been designed, tested and developed by RENM themselves so they could install a new titanium exhaust system to allow a better air flow exit from the reprogrammed engine management system that also gets modified air intakes … the result is power increase of up to 11% putting the final output figure of the LE-C at a very impressive 777 hp, I’m sure in time we will be seeing 800 hp from the Aventador V12 without reverting to turbo charging.

Changes on the outside naturally include special wheels, and just like on the Aventador Jota these RENM specials are using a central lock system, if this is street legal in every country might be debatable, but especially those rear units, with their deep lip look very nice, love the red touch of paint on the brake calipers and central lug nut in fact … a nice touch that adds some color to an otherwise fully black rim.

Inside the customer has the option of various carbon fiber parts, a custom made steering wheel and even lightweight carbon fiber seats are possible, complete with multi point racing harness seat belts to make you feel right at home behind the steering wheel of one of these rare RENM Performance Aventador Limited Edition Corsa beauties … make sure to get your name on the order list, this one will sell out quickly if you ask me.