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At the moment the deliveries of the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 are just getting up to speed but that doesn’t keep tuners from playing around with the idea of making this flagship even more impressive, German based RENM Performance will be offering a tuning package called LE-C for Limited Edition Corsa that will put some track dna into the Raging Bull without compromising usability on the open road.

RENM intends to replace lots of bodyparts on the Aventador with light weight carbon fiber units that will offer modified aerodynamics to reduce drag, on the other hand a fully adjustable rear wing will be installed too. Add to this a modified suspension that brings the Aventador even closer to the road coupled to chassis improvement and new tires with r-specs and you can expect an even better driving experience compared to the original Bull.

A new exhaust system will also be installed, made from inconel and titanium, modify the air intake and reprogram the ECU and RENM will pull between 7 and 10% more power from the engine … at the top end this would mean 770hp on tap, not bad I guess. To keep you nicely strapped in your seat RENM will also fit racing seats and track sourced seat belts in the car, a new alcantara steering wheel and additional alcantara and carbon fiber for the interior and we get an Aventador LE-C version … corsa stradale …

RENM expects to improve general dynamics of the Aventador, better performance and faster acceleration by reducing the weight of the car … without completely changing the design, they want to enhance the original, not turn it into something totally different.

At the moment all we have is a rendering of the LE-C, this is a modification of the side view of a regular Aventador (they didn’t even change the reflection) … and if you ask me it has a striking resemblance to the Aventador LP800-4 Super Veloce diecast model we posted a while ago … great minds think alike I guess.