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SpaItalia is a yearly event that covers all kinds of Italian made automobiles with a special ‘tribute’ each year, and 2010 wasn’t any different, they celebrated 100 years of Alfa Romeo this time, perhaps not the most exclusive make, but with the 8C and 8C Spyder they sure have a modern exotic to show, but let’s not forget cars like the Montreal, which remains a very nice car to look at.

Naturally I was more interested in the more hard core super cars like the Lamborghinis that gathered during this two day event, the latter being both an advantage and a disadvantage … you have people and owners that will only show up one day, so as a photographer you just have to be there both days or you will miss some of these amazing automobiles. On Saturday the number of people arriving with their prized exotics wasn’t very high, I didn’t get to see many Lamborghini at all, however one silver metallic Gallardo caught my eye quickly … something looked different on this one, and when I got a closer look in the pit box where this beauty was ‘resting’ I figured it out : they stripped the car to make it as lightweight as possible, it even ran on racing slicks … go figure.

I actually recognized this car from last year when it had a French registration plate and was driven like a regular Gallardo, but this year it was a different car altogether … that was hauled on a trailer I would find out on Sunday. But there were more than one Lamborghini at SpaItalia naturally, and the best was still to come on Sunday, an entire group of the Belgian club made their way to Francorchamps to enjoy some quick rounds on the track, and later on an impressive group of cars would join the 1000 Virages stint on the track, naturally comprising a few Raging Bull … among them even a brand new Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera finished in fashionable white.

You can get an impression of the different Lamborghini models that were either on display or on the track during SpaItalia from our extensive image gallery, so I’m not going to get into lists in this review, safe to say that we all enjoyed yet another edition of this amazing event that once again managed to get some classics and some ultra modern exotics together for visitors to enjoy and gaze upon, just take a look at the cars that hit the track in the 1000 Virages section, ranging from Porsche over Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Audi and Nissan GT-R right up to several Lamborghini … as an avid car enthusiast you must be having the time of your life when cars like this rush by on the famous Spa Francorchamps track … I sure did have a great time and can’t wait to get back to Spa next year … let’s see what they will be celebrating this time.