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We’ve seen a few shades on the DMC Aventador Molto Veloce kit by now, the first one was seen on an Arancio Argos with destination Hong Kong, while a stunning white one was seen at the 2012 Sema show recently, and an Aventador in Grigio Telesto also got the Molto Veloce treatment in Miami, so at the moment you can encounter this modified Raging Bull in the United States, China, Saudi Arabia … and Thailand.

The latter has just been unveiled during the Bangsaen Speed Festival, dressed in black … in fact the official marketing line, used by DMC Germany’s Thailand Importer upon unveiling this Aventador Molto Veloce Tuning Package to the public in Bangkok was : ‘The Devil wears Prada, and the LP700 wears DMC’.

In fact this specific DMC Aventador Molto Veloce is the first one in black, and from the photos it suits this Raging Bull like a designer suit, the clear carbon fiber DMC parts look just amazing in combination with the glossy Nero paint. The owner of this specific Aventador went for the optional yellow brake calipers and glossy black wheels straight from the factory … if custom wheels are on the menu for this car isn’t known actually.

The clear carbon fiber front lip mounts perfectly underneath the original Aventador bumper, while the center mounted lip is also turned into carbon fiber by DMC, on the sides we see the additional skirts that connect nicely into the rear lower diffuser … all in clear carbon fiber naturally, and the stunning Super Veloce style rear wing is just the icing on the cake here … the entire DMC Molto Veloce kit made it onto this Raging Bull, and it looks amazing.

Check out a walk around video :