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Back in January 2015 we already published information about the Lamborghini Huracan by LB Works, at that time only a set of 3D renders were available … eight months later the first one of these impressively low riding Bulls has been completed.

If you have been visiting in the past you already know a lot about Kato-san and his company Liberty Walk, also known as LB Performance or LB Works … and you should know the famous trademark style he has been using for years now: wide fenders and ultra low riding height … well guess what, this Huracan by LB Works is no different.

Just as with everything, these aerodynamic kits are a matter of taste, you either love them or you hate them … I would say judging by the amount of cars that feature these wide kits there are enough owners out there that love this style … Wataru Kato is a busy man these days, with kits being sent out from Nagoya, Japan on an almost daily basis for a wide range of cars and models.

But back to this bright red Lamborghini Huracan, now fitted with a nice front bumper that includes a low, black finished fin for added aggressiveness (I do hope that is a rubber material as you are bound to scrape over the concrete and touch the sidewalk with it more than once), a set of side sills with a small vertical fin for looks, or that should be added stability at high speed, and naturally an impressive looking rear lower diffusers.

That rear diffuser is now wrapped around a set of FI Exhaust tips, but I do think the entire exhaust system has been replaced on this Huracan together with the standard suspension which LB Performance has swapped for a digital AirREX system, complete with remote control … which allows you to raise and lower the car from a distance by the touch of a button, a great way to impress the audience around the Bull.

At the rear we also notice a nice ‘Duck tail’ style rear wing in a carbon fiber weave pattern, the Aventador by LB Works comes with that massive GT racing inspired wing, but on the Huracan Kato-san went for the style he also used on the Ferrari 458, which let’s face it, is the main competitor for this Huracan anyway, and I rather like this rear wing, it is different from what other tuners are offering, and that is what it is all about when you look to personalize your own car … being different from the rest.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

Looks like Kato-san didn’t go for the usual Forgiato wheels on this Huracan but installed a set of 3-piece SSR Executor cv01 wheels instead, finished in flat black with that amazing concave design at the rear, they really look right at home on this red Raging Bull, the simple, thin spoke design works perfectly with the aggressive, wide body style of the car.

And this is where the real Kato-san magic comes into the picture, that set of four wide, add-on fenders that still get riveted onto the original car in true old-school style, and that require some serious cutting into the original fenders … which does mean there is go turning back once you install the LB-R Works kit onto your own Huracan, this might scare some owners of a brand new $250,000 Italian masterpiece.

Let’s not forget we are talking about an aerodynamic kit that is listed between $21,000 and $28,000 … and that’s without the $9,500 AirREX suspension kit and without wheels and tires … so looking wide, low and mean like this Huracan by LB Works doesn’t come cheap … but if you have to ask the price …

More information can be found at LB Performace.