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The eagerly awaited Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 was introduced to the public at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show in early March, possible customers and VIP were able to attend ‘closed sessions’ at local dealerships that started in January 2014 so they could put in their order for this brand new V10 Bull ahead of the public unveil … and many did, by the time Geneva opened it’s doors the order book showed a total of over 1,000 firm buys … today the counter has breached the 2,000 units mark already.

So it is safe to say the new Huracán is a success, a car many will dream about owning but will never be able to afford it in the end … for all those enthusiasts there is the scale market scene, either the top end models from MR and AutoArt … or the more economically priced models from Bburago for instance.

And the latter has really surprised us all … Bburago had a set of ‘pre-series’ production models of the Lamborghnini Huracán LP610-4 in 1/18 scale ready for the Geneva Auto Sho … three shades, bright green metallic, white metallic and the classic yellow metallic shade seen on this page. These diecast models were such a massive hit at the show the green one sold out the first day (80 units) while the Giallo one was sold out on the second day already (also 80 units) … Bianco lasted a little longer.

With the help of a very close friend I was able to obtain one of these rare models finished in sunny yellow metallic, the fact we’re talking about a pre-series model makes it even more interesting for a collector like myself (check out my Lamborghini scale car collection at LamboDIECAST) … this was shown in the box used, on the outside you only find a ‘Lamborghini’ script, the only evidence of being a Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 model is seen from a small decal that was fitted to the inside of the box.

Sure this is ‘only’ a Bburago model, but keeping in mind we’re talking about a pre-series production model that most likely will receive some more tweaks before mass production is being shipped out and the fact these models sell for $50 or less makes it a very good and nicely finished model indeed … I have it on display on top of the official customer brochure with the VIP hardcover brochure in the background … and I love it.

More photos and an in depth review of this model depicting both the good and the bad can be found here.