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About a year ago, at the 2011 IAA in Frankfurt Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA confirmed a limited production run of only 20 units for the Sesto Elemento, a lightweight concept that was unveiled at the 2010 Paris Mondial de l’Automobile … and today the news reached us all 20 units have been sold, and we haven’t even seen the actual production version yet.

What’s even better in this entire story is the fact none of these 20 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento are street legal, that’s right, this is a track day car only, it can only be used on private roads and circuits around the world .. not on public roads, but somehow I don’t think the fortunate owners of one of these Sesto Elemento models will lose any sleep over that little detail.

So will the production model be much different from the concept car … or will it be so close to the prototype that it wasn’t possible to make it street legal in the end, one thing is already sure, it will remain a very lightweight car with an amazing styling and the well-known V10 engine from the Gallardo Superleggera in 570 hp trim behind those red trimmed, carbon fiber tub style seats.

I do hope they deliver all 20 cars in the same clear carbon fiber bodywork with those contrasting red screws and air intakes and outlets that look so good combined with the red cloth inside, most likely the red sections on the interior will be finished in the new Carbon Skin we saw inside the Aventador Jota last March, that would make it look even better.

After reading the news about the Sesto Elemento being sold out I couldn’t help but thinking we might be seeing the actual production car in Paris in a few months, the original concept was shown in 2010, so why not have the production version officially unveiled two years later at the very same show?