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So you are one of those happy people that put in their order for the brand new Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 a while ago and managed to have it delivered to your doorstep already, you are enjoying what is probably the best Bull ever made, and judging by the sales figures there are a lot of fellow owners that will be taking a seat behind that amazing LCD dashboard with the hexagon air outlets … so what do you do to get something really special that will stand out from the crowd?

You could turn your attention to changing the looks of the new V10 model, like the DMC Affari for instance that is just about to be ready for delivery … but if you are more into performance than looks you now have the perfect answer to your prayers … Underground Racing is fine tuning their latest Twin Turbo setup for the Lamborghini Huracán.

At the moment no hard figures are published, but if you take a look at the Gallardo Twin Turbo system Underground Racing has been offering for years now we can safely say the Huracán TT will pack at least 800hp, but more likely go for 850hp for the Stage 1 bolt-on kit using the stock V10 engine … on the Gallardo they offer a boost in power to 800hp starting with the LP560 engine … that adds 140hp on top of the normal factory engine and running regular fuel … translate that onto the LP610-4 from the Huracán and we are talking about 840hp at least … initially.

Underground Racing’s proprietary JRR MoTeC M1 electronics and firmware will make sure the DCT gearbox will handle the additional power from a stand still right up to max speed with ease … and this is just the beginning.

If we look at what Underground Racing is offering for the Lamborghini Gallardo model in terms of Twin Turbo systems it is safe to say they know what they are doing, and can pull a lot more power from the already potent Lamborghini V10 engine … Stage 1 Twin Turbo on 93 Octane gas on a stock engine results in a 140hp boost, however using VP-C16 117 octane race fuel might add as much as 440hp … on a Huracán that would mean a total power output of 1050hp!

Remember Underground Racing also has a Stage 2 Race Version Turbo System with a highly modified engine for the Gallardo that results in a massive 1750 WHP on race fuel … on a Huracán that has 50hp more to start with this could mean a Bull that puts down 1800 WHP onto the track … now that’s impressive.

I’m sure more details and additional stages of Turbo tuning will be available soon at Underground Racing …