DMC Huracan Affari – Guide

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When the new Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 already received over 1,000 orders before even being officially unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show it was obvious the new V10 Bull would be an instant success taking over the reign from the Gallardo that sold 14,022 units wouldn’t be an easy task, but so far it seems the Huracán is more than up to that task.

One of the better-known tuners on the market today had been doing its homework even before the first Huracán was delivered to a customer, the first renders of the DMC Huracan Affari showed a large roof-mounted air intake, a very aggressive rear diffuser, and a custom front bumper in June 2014 only a month later, in July 2014, DMC released more detailed renders that showed a very impressive looking Huracán Affari aerodynamic package and mentioned a power increase to 630 hp by calling the car the DMC Huracán LP630-4 Affari edition.

By November 2014 DMC managed to have their first Huracán completely fitted with the Affari aerodynamic kit, probably the very first Huracán in the world that received any kind of tuning finished in the popular Verde Mantis pearl metallic green shade this first DMC Affari looked amazing.

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Up front, DMC will add a set of carbon fiber fins underneath the original Huracán bumper that nicely follow the original design of the front air intakes while a vertical fin is present on the side for added stability. DMC also mounts air vents on the side of this bumper that reminds us of the Gallardo Superleggera, but on this Huracán these vents also receive a horizontal carbon fiber fin for that race-style look.

The DMC Huracán Affari side sills show a vertical fin ahead of the doors, while ahead of the rear wheels a larger section rises up to control airflow along the sides of the Lamborghini Huracán over the custom wheels onto the lower rear diffuser, also finished in clear carbon fiber.

The rear diffuser comes with a set of vertical fins that work on keeping the Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 stable at high speeds while DMC prefers to have the factory original rear bumper to be repainted in the shade of the body there is also an optional rear bumper in the DMC catalog, complete with embossed DMC script and a pair of indents that look ready to be converted into a large air outlet.

Probably one of the most eye-catching features on the DMC Huracán Affari is without a doubt the impressive rear wing, loosely inspired by the DMC Aventador Molto Veloce rear wing the vertical struts show a very lightweight design and actually come with a new base spoiler for the Huracan.

By using a base spoiler that completely replaces the deck lid part on the original Huracán DMC is capable of fixing its large rear wing securely on the car and avoiding having the downforce rip the new wing apart at high speed this way you don’t have any holes to be drilled into the original bodywork of the Lamborghini.

Do note that the large rear wing can be adjusted in three different positions for an even more aggressive style and increased downforce DMC parts also have full German TÜV certification, another testament to the quality of these lightweight carbon fiber parts.

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Some options are available for the DMC Affari kit, one of them being special fins that fix on top of the standard, louvered engine cover of the Huracán this Engine bonnet diffuser adds a very aggressive style to this cover while a pair of carbon fiber rear view mirrors are just the finishing touch the DMC Huracán Affari needs.

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If you really want to have your Lamborghini Huracán stand out you can install the DMC carbon fiber Air Scoop set, a pair of intakes that screw onto the optional glass engine cover in place of the original vents, these DMC scoops even use the same holes to be fixed so you don’t have to alter anything. A protective grille avoids debris from entering the engine room while water is drained through the rear of these new scoops.