Lamborghini Urraco Rallye – Guide

Bob Wallace built the Jota in his spare time, but in 1973 he converted an Urraco into a real 'hot rod'.

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Lamborghini urraco rallye
Urraco Rallye
1 unit
3.0 L Naturally Aspirated V8
310 bhp
0 - 60 mph
Top Speed

Bob Wallace built the radical Jota in his spare time, but in 1973 he converted an Urraco into a real ‘hot rod’. He used the number ‘3’ of the early ‘pre-series’ P250’s from 1971 as a base, this fact is recognizable by the far-back position of the front pop-up headlamps.

The bright orange finished Lamborghini was powered by a special 3.0-Liter engine using a 4-valve/cylinder configuration with dry-sump lubrication, coupled to a six-speed gearbox all this added up to a power output of more than 310 Bhp.

Later sources stated this 4-valve engine was only briefly installed in the car, and was soon replaced by a tuned two-valve 3.0-Liter engine from the P300, when you take a look at the pictures you’ll also notice the two big exhaust pipes on this car, a feature which would surely never be street legal but still must sound awesome.

This special Urraco also featured a roll-over cage, while all the unnecessary items were stripped from the interior to gain weight, the entire rear seat was removed and a special fuel tank was installed in this space.

It stayed in contact with the road by using the McPherson like the ‘normal’ P250 but special adjustable Koni shock absorbers were mounted, various different types of brakes were tested, also different tires were used for testing purposes, including Pirelli P7’s and Dunlop Racing covers, all mounted on massive Campagnolo magnesium wheels like those used on the Jota. The chassis received special welded-on parts to stiffen it, because of the large increase in power, the lateral forces would surely be higher than on the standard P250, another modification was the solid bolt-on for the rear sub frame, this improved handling at high speeds, which was necessary because the rear wing greatly increased down force at the rear.

The body styling had to be modified, the wheel arches were widened and various chin spoilers were mounted, even an massive adjustable rear ‘wing’ was installed during development testing, also note the special windscreen wiper mounted.

Bob Wallace was actually able to race this specific Lamborghini once at the Misano Race Track, it wasn’t a real race but rather a gathering of exotic cars, the Urraco Rally did outrun a Porsche at that time.

The Urraco ‘Bob’ was left abandoned at the Lamborghini factory, but it fortunately someone was able to acquire it and had it restored back to the original specifications. Today this car is back in pristine condition and owned by a member of the Japanese Lamborghini Owners Club.

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