Lamborghini Urus by TopCar Design – Guide

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A while ago I posted an article about Lamborghini Urus tuning and possible variants that could be made in the future, but Russian based TopCar Design company just unveiled what has to be the first Lamborghini Urus with an aerodynamic kit already installed.

We already saw the renders they made months ago, but we all know the path from render to reality can take long, it seems TopCar Design was standing by for their first actual Urus to be delivered to install their kit onto.

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The kit proposed by TopCar Design is already very elaborate, including a €3,600 front bumper, a €1,450 pair of front intake splitters, 4 wheel arch extensions at €3,270, €1,550 for a pair of extensions to the vents behind the front wheels on the fenders, a carbon fiber set of 4 ‘blades’ to be installed on the doors at €1,400 and a pair of side sill extensions in the same material for €4,000.

At the rear, you can replace the diffuser for €4,550 and add visible carbon fiber to the rear vents at €1,450 … naturally TopCar Design offers a rear wing for the Lamborghini Urus … that should be two wings in fact, one to be fitted on the border of the roof (€3,300) and one at the bottom of the rear window (€1,350) … just in case you love those TopCar Design logos you can fit 4 of them for €200.

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If you take a closer look at the preliminary renders TopCar Design released earlier you will notice one thing is missing from the above list … those stunning looking, red exhaust tips … these aren’t available yet at the time of writing, but I’m almost certain these tips will be online soon.

The one item that just has to be my favorite on the price list from TopCar Design for the Lamborghini Urus is their new engine cover … TopCar Design offers a ‘vented’ engine cover either in visible carbon fiber (€9,160) or ready to be painted (€7,760) and it looks absolutely amazing with a new, more aggressive design including two large air vents.

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So with the clear carbon fiber engine cover, you are looking at a total price of just over €35,000 … without fitment, and if you don’t go for the ‘paint ready’ option hood you don’t have any paint costs … that might sound like a lot of money, but you do get all parts in clear carbon fiber, and that’s an expensive, lightweight material anyway.

For more information, and possibly put in an order, get in touch with TopCar Design in Russia at