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A lot of companies are offering tuning for the V10 Lamborghini mode, the Gallardo is a popular Raging Bull to personalize … for one because of the lower entry fee into the world of Lamborghini but also because many Gallardo have left the factory doors since it was introduced back in 2003.

Vorsteiner is already well-known in tuning circles for presenting some really amazing cars from Porsche, Mercedes and Ferrari to name a few, however for the Raging Bull they only offered beautiful wheels in various sizes … until now.

Meet the Renazzo-V … a brand new aero kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo built from 2008 on, we are talking about the LP560-4 and LP570-4 evolution here. When several companies are offering all kinds of options to turn your classic pre-2008 Gallardo into a look-alike of the more recent model Vorsteiner took on a different aproach and targets only the newer V10 evolutions.

The special Vorsteiner Renazzo-V program for the Lamborghini Gallardo is in fact a full option package, naturally there is a brand new front bumper that completely replaces the original unit, taking styling cues from the current V12 flagship, the Aventador. There are even upward pointing fins reminiscent to the ones seen on the Aventador Jota … however Vorsteiner did go for an innovative option: the carbon fiber splitters are detachable!

With a front looking this aggressive you just know you have to get the rest of the car in sync, and Vorsteiner does seem to get this message … the trademark air intakes just behind the doors of the Gallardo receive a thin carbon fiber blade, which again makes us think about the Aventador … but just take a second look at those lower side skirts … that’s almost Reventon style, nice angular intakes in front of the rear wheels and a clear carbon fiber ‘wing’ connecting the front wheel arch to the rear one … looks good.

So the front and side of the Renazzo-V by Vorsteiner are set … time to turn our attention to the rear. And this comes as a bit of a surprise. On the first teaser shot we’ve seen  nice air vent behind the rear wheel, however on these new shots it has disappeared … but fear not, what does remain could very well make us forget about those vents.

It looks like the entire rear bumper has been replaced … remember the ‘new LP560-4’ seen in Paris? Well Vorsteiner also redesigned the rear air outlets … and makes them look good. The central grille is still there, and it got a diagonal line like the new LP560-4, but the two grilles on the extremities have been replaced by an inset vent … which do look taken straight from a race car in fact, totally different to factory specs.

Add to this a clear carbon fiber diffuser with license plate holder and additional cooling vents flowing into four really intimidating vertical fins and a central outlet, naturally the four exhaust tips are still there, it would be a mistake to remove those if you ask me … a larger diameter wouldn’t hurt actually, or perhaps an angular look like the Aventador exhaust?

Final option for the bodywork is the carbon fiber, fixed rear wing that looks like the optional, factory Superleggera wing, which would make sense as Vorsteiner also puts a nice decal on the doors with Renazzo V script … in full Superleggera looks.

A choice of 19 and 20 inch wheels is available to be mounted on the Vortsteiner Renazzo-V Gallardo, either monoblock or three-piece fabrication … the catalogue from Vorsteiner offers wheel styling to suit most customers.

One little detail … the Lamborghini Renazzo-V Vorsteiner kit will only be available in March 2013 … can’t wait to see it installed on an actual Lamborghini to be honest.