What If Lb Works Fits Their New Gt Evo Kit On A Roadster

Https://www. Lambocars. Com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/lb_works_aventador_gt_evo_roadster_2. Jpg

We’ve only recently posted the unveiling of the impressive new limited edition LB-Works Aventador GT EVO kit, only 20 of these final Liberty Walk kits for the Lamborghini Aventador will be made for the entire world, and it transforms an original Aventador into a very aggressively styled Le Mans lookalike.

But what if one of those 20 customers that’s willing to pay up to $187,000 for the full carbon fiber version, would opt to install it on his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster? Would that even be possible?

I guess the only problem would be the engine cover with the vertical fin, apart from that the entire EVO GT kit will most likely be able to fit the Roadster version of the current V12 model too. It looks like the vertical fin isn’t attached to the massive rear wing, so that shouldn’t be an issue just to keep the bespoke Roadster engine cover.

My guess the only problem could be at the front, installing the new front hood might cause issues with the space to store the two roof panels from the Roadster, even on their previous ‘Limited’ kit with the large vents on that front hood, there was a problem on a Roadster.

But other than that, it seems perfectly feasible to create an LB Silhouette WORKS Aventador GT EVO Roadster …