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After Automobili Lamborghini SpA published a very cryptic teaser shot for the upcoming 2014 Paris Mondial de L’Automobile a lot of rumors have been going around on the net, some sources interpreted the catchphrase ‘Once perfection is achieved, you can only double it’ as a clear indication Lamborghini was getting ready to unveil a four-seater model … but we all know the Urus is already going into production and the Estoque four door concept has been declined.

Now AutoBLOG came up with another interesting piece of information … apparently Lamborghini has recently registered two new names … Asterión and Encaste, and what’s even more interesting is the fact a stylish logo has been registered too, showing a script similar to the Huracán name but with a bolt of lightning in the ‘O’ of Asterión … does that mean Lamborghini is preparing a Hybrid model for Paris?

With competition from Maranello (Italy) and Surrey (UK) already having hypercars with both a fuel engine and battery powered unit to elevate power output beyond the usual it would make sense for Lamborghini to put something similar on the market next … that would mean ‘you can only double it’ refers to having two power plants in the new Bull.

The design of the teaser image hints at a GT or four door model, which could make sense as this kind of model would not interfere with the still strong sales of the V12 flagship the Aventador and the brand new V10 Huracán model … however if Automobili Lamborghini SpA would take on the hyper car competition this could mean we’re getting another two-seater super car with a Hybrid power plant.

To see which rumor is right we’ll have to wait another week or two, on October 2nd the probably black satin cover will be removed from a brand new Lamborghini model in Paris … I can’t wait to find out what we’ll be enjoying from Sant’Agata this time.