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Last year I witnessed the unveil of the amazing looking Lamborghini Aventador J at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, finished in a stunning red metallic paintjob it drew massive amounts of attention … but in a different hall I came eye to eye with a similar shade on a totally different Bull … the Mansory Aventador.

The metallic red paint was about the only thing both cars had in common, the Mansory tuned Aventador showed a total redesign from front to rear and both inside and outside, not everybody was a fan of this very extensive restyling, but you have to admit it must have taken a lot of nerve to take a brand new Lamborghini Aventador and modify it to this extend.

A deep front spoiler was installed with carbon fiber splitter and fins on the side, a different front hood with additional fins styled into the carbon fiber, wide fenders with air extractors in clear carbon fiber leading your eye onto the clear carbon fiber exterior rear view mirrors … while the side sills got replaced by Mansory too featuring larger air vents and intakes that flow into wheel arch extensions around the rear rims, which like the ones up front are a new, brushed five spoke style with carbon fiber accents.

A massive rear diffuser in clear carbon fiber, some additional Y-shape insets in the rear air vents and a massive carbon fiber rear wing complete the look at the back of this Raging Bull … but wait, the carbon fiber frenzy isn’t over yet … the roof and intake flaps behind the side window are covered in clear carbon fiber too … would you expect anything else?

So we have a totally different exterior created by Mansory … but they didn’t stop on the outside … in fact the entire interior has been ‘updated’ too, new leather with a totally different stitching pattern using a combination of black and red leather works in perfect sync with the red metallic and carbon fiber exterior. Naturally the interior receives a lot of clear carbon fiber too, the entire central console, the door handles, parts on the custom made steering wheel and the dashboard pod among other things … also note the typical ‘start’ button hidden by a red flap isn’t located on the central console anymore.

Mansory moved the start button to the roof, just behind the interior rear view mirror … to give the car a more ‘Jet Fighter’ feeling … and I guess they reached that goal … people were really amazed by this Mansory Aventador at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, even more so if you take into account Mansory was actually the first to show a completed Aventador tuning at that time.

This red metallic show car traveled all over the world after the Geneva show closed its doors, over time I’ve seen a white Mansory Aventador that was sold to a customer in the Middle East, later on a gold finished Mansory Aventador was reportedly sold for 1.2 million Euro while at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show Mansory unveiled the next step … the Carbonado LP1250 … based on the Lamborghini Aventador this new limited edition Mansory car pumps out 1250 hp and shows a full carbon fiber body with even more tuning parts in a different look than this red metallic, initial Mansory Aventador.

At the 2013 Geneva Auto Show I was told the Mansory Carbonado LP1250 was priced at 900,000 Euro … a bargain if you take into account the very extensive modifications this car underwent … but now you can obtain an original Mansory Aventador for only 750,000 Euro!

Russian based König Motor Club has a red metallic 2012 Mansory Aventador listed for 750,000 Euro with only 176km on the counter … which would mean this isn’t the same car as shown on the 2012 Geneva Auto Show but a second one built to the exact same specs? Still you are looking at a very limited production car that looks absolutely different from anything straight from the factory in Sant’Agata.

Note the Mansory Aventador comes with re-programmed engine management and a custom exhaust system to boost power to 754hp (from the original 700hp) and increase torque to a healthy 750Nm at 6,000rpm (up from 690Nm) … acceleration from standstill to 100km/h now takes 2.8 seconds (instead of 2.9 in the standard Aventador) and top speed goes from 350km/h to 355km/h in Mansory specs. Perhaps not the most impressive increase, but nonetheless an increase … taken into account the new aerodynamics and larger wheels and tires it is even more intimidating.

So if you are looking into adding a very special, totally custom made Aventador to your collection this red metallic Mansory made Raging Bull might just the answer to your quest … get in touch with König Motor Club and set an appointment to view this amazing Bull in Russia.