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We all know IMS Automotive Design for their amazing looking Lamborghini Gallardo aerodynamic tuning kits, especially their GST (Gallardo Super Trofeo) front bumper is an eye-catcher on any Gallardo V10 model, even if you own one of the earlier series V10 Bull this modification will make all the difference … just take a look at this red Gallardo.

I know the people behind IMS Automotive Design have been working around the clock the last months to create the next step in Lamborghini tuning … the IMS Shadow kit, first up is the full Carbon Fiber Shadow front bumper for the V12 flagship, the Aventador LP700-4.

For the Shadow bumper IMS came up with a very innovative design … they took the idea from their GST bumper and translated it perfectly into the different Aventador styling, just take a look at those impressive side vents, again with a stabilization fin naturally. But that’s not all … in fact the entire front bumper from a factory specs Aventador will be replaced by the IMS Carbon Fiber Shadow unit … including the big intakes and the center ‘sword’ … the IMS unit has a double fin up front that looks absolutely amazing.

Right now we only have three renders showing this new bumper on an Aventador Roadster, they show the same car but with a different paint scheme, one has the outside color coded, the second has the lower part of the bumper painted matte black on the outside (much like the Superleggera and Super Veloce) while the third one shows the fin painted in matte black too … I personally like the first one, but with a black fin … which I virtually created in a fourth render.

If you look close at the renders you’ll also notice a different side sill, there is a Superleggera style carbon fiber fin all along the side while just behind the front wheel you will see a vertical fin … something we’ve seen on the Aventador J before.

Interested in ordering this amazing looking Shadow bumper for your Aventador … take a look at the IMS Automotive Design website.