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The Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary is already a very special car in her own, in fact only 100 closed coupé ave been built and even less in the bright yellow shade that has been developed specifically for this celebration model … Giallo Maggio is a pearl metallic shade with an excess of sparkling particles … it is truly an amazing shade in real life.

With the introduction of the Aventador LP720-4 Lamborghini also brought the stunning looking Q-Citura stitching option back to the V12 flagship … this quilted pattern really puts the interior of the Aventador on a higher level compared to the original, horizontal stitching used for the regular Aventador … add the multitude of carbon fiber parts, and as seen at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show you can now opt for Forged Composite infused with the exterior shade in the Ad Personam program … so the possibilities are impressive these days straight from the factory.

But what if you are looking to have something even more elaborate, and perhaps one of a kind? In that case you’ll have to bring your Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 to one of the specialized companies that also offer custom interiors … one of the better known tuners out there that really went to extra Mile to create a special upholstery for the Aventador is Mansory, especially their limited edition Carbonado and Apertos models.

But there is another option on the market today, we’ve already shown you renders of a stupendously beautiful interior inside a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster by Carlex Design from Poland, and now these leather and carbon fiber wizards came up with the next step … a combination of yellow and black leather destined to be fitted inside a Giallo Maggio Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 … and it looks absolutely amazing.

Today Carlex Design has become one of the strongest and most recognized brands in the high end car interior market, they are associated with perfect quality and unique design while their crew continually creates amazing interior designs for the most demanding customers, so an Aventador interior is a walk in the park for Carlex Design.

Keep in mind we are not talking about some new leather hides and contrasting stitching, Carlex Design actually changes the entire form of the interior using new foam parts and custom made sections with indents that totally transform the original interior into something more aggressive … in this case Carlex wanted to have their yellow Aventador interior to mimick the looks of a fighter jet.

The leather used by Carlex Design is in fact original Automobili Lamborghini SpA material in Giallo Taurus and Nero Ade, combined with yellow tinted carbon fiber on the steering wheel, central console, dashboard pod and the door handles. The stitching pattern on the dashboard has been modified, same with the door panels that now show a much more intricate design … a symmetry that has been continued on the central console section between the two seats.

Talking about the seats, not only did they receive the amazing looking yellow and black leather, but their entire shape has been customized by Carlex Design, totally innovative stitching but also a different central section and unique headrests …

If you take a closer look at the renders published by Carlex Design you will notice the enormous amount of work and level of attention that has gone into creating this elaborate kind of customization inside the Aventador LP720-4 … so you know it will not come cheap … but I’m sure it will turn your Anniversary Aventador into an eye-catcher instantly … get in touch with Carlex Design for more information and the possibility of other shades.