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While Automobili Lamborghini SpA has only recently unveiled the Roadster edition of their V12 flagship, the Aventador we will have to wait a few more years before the factory will come around with a top of the line limited lightweight edition like a Super Veloce … if you are not into the waiting game you could turn your attention to DMC.

DMC has been selling many units of their Molto Veloce kit which includes a nice front spoiler lip, side skirts, lower rear diffuser and impressive rear wing, all finished in clear carbon fiber … for those customers that already have the DMC LP900-4 MV kit mounted onto their Lamborghini Aventador and would like to take it to the next level there is the limited edition Spezial Version from DMC.

The DMC LP900-4 SV Limited Edition Aventador is only available for a select group of DMC Aventador Molto Veloce owners … in total 10 Spezial Version kits are available that include an extremely impressive front bumper with integrated J-style spoiler and a clear carbon fiber rear section that includes the lower diffuser, rear bumper, rear panel and a replacement for the original Aventador rear wing.

Customers actually have to apply for the DMC SV kit after which you are only allowed to acquire it if your car and your location meet demands … DMC will try to have no two Spezial Version units looking the same, so they will select different shades and different locations … so anyone who manages to buy a DMC LP900-4 SV will not be likely to run into a similar one … ever.

The first production kit of the DMC SV (1 of 10) has been installed on an Arancio Argos finished Aventador located in Kuala Lumpur, this car was also adorned with custom 50th Anniversary decals while the owner decided to keep the entire front bumper in clear carbon fiber, adding a few touches of bright orange on the outer fins and the intake surrounds.

DMC Aventador SV 2 of 10 was finished in a stunning matte white which makes the clear carbon fiber stand out even more, this car was Swiss owned by the way and made an amazing appearance at the 2012 edition of Top Marques Monaco, after which the owner enjoyed the car on the street causing it to be photographed a lot.

And now number 3 of 10 is being completed … this time using a bright green Lamborghini Aventador as a basis in Sichuan, China. On the ‘work in progress’ photos we managed to locate the original Iperione wheels are still in place, but most likely these will be replaced by some larger … wilder rims before the car is completely finished.

So right now we have orange, white and green … that still leaves a lot of choice for the 7 DMC SV that are still available … imagine a Nero Nemesis one … or a Grigio Estoque, why not a new Grigio Titans finished SV … only time will tell what shades the 10 DMC Spezial Version Aventador will be, but I’m sure each and every one of them will be impressive on its own.