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Over the last few years DMC has become a household name in the exclusive world of exotic car tuning, they offer aerodynamic kits for Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, McLaren … and Lamborghini naturally. The DMC Aventador Molto Veloce has quickly become one of the best selling kit on the market today with nearly 50 units being sold up to date.

And it gets even better, for a select group of customers they offer the extremely limited DMC Spezial Version evolution boasting an impressive front bumper and complete rear fascia in clear carbon fiber connecting the lower rear diffuser and the amazing rear wing together in a sea of carbon fiber … too bad only 10 of these DMC SV will ever be built … and they insist no two will be the same … in fact DMC selects the customers that apply to buy the Spezial Version … you just can’t write a cheque and get one of these sought after kits.

And now this German Luxury refiner presents another limited edition Aventador … the ‘DIECI’, or ‘one in ten’ edition … and to keep in line with their Spezial Version, DMC has decided you can’t even buy the special edition ‘DIECI’ … you will receive it for free with every 10th DMC Aventador kit.

The bright green metallic Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 seen here is the first one to officially be called the DMC LP700 ‘DIECI’ … registered in Kuwait this Verde Ithaca beauty is in fact the 40th Aventador to be wearing the magnificent looking DMC Molto Veloce kit.

The regular DMC Aventador Molto Veloce receives a lower lip underneath the original front bumper while the black center ‘sword’ of the Aventador gets replaced by a clear carbon fiber DMC unit … on the side we recognize the DMC side sills that beside looking good also increase stability at speed. At the back we encounter the clear carbon fiber lower diffuser combined with the great looking rear wing riding high up in the air while the original, adjustable Aventador rear wing is replaced by a clear carbon fiber DMC unit too.

What makes the DMC Aventador DIECI different from the regular Molto Veloce kit are the clear carbon fiber canards on the side of the front bumper, derived from Formula One these canards were first seen on the intimidating Spezial Version front spoiler … now they return to the DIECI to celebrate every 10th DMC Aventador made in the future.

Note that every part of the DIECI kit can be installed on a Lamborghini Aventador without drilling any additional holes or require cutting of panels … the entire DMC Aventador kit can be installed using the original fixing points … hence it can be removed from the Aventador without leaving any damage … in case the owner decides to sell his car and upgrade to a more recent edition … his DMC kit can make the move with him.

The owner of this Verde Ithaca Aventador decided to install PUR 4OUR Monoblock wheels on this already outrageous looking Aventador … with 9x 20 inch at the front and 13×21 inch being fitted at the rear axle of a bright metallic green V12 it will draw attention, add the fact this car was ordered with the optional, yellow painted brake calipers and wheels finished in a matte bronze surface … and you know you are creating some controversy.

How many of these new DMC Aventador DIECI will be built remains to be seen, but with only one in every ten DMC tuned Aventador the overall number will stay small … so make sure you are the one that gets the 50th production number to get hold of those carbon fiber canards.