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Naturally we visited the 2014 edition of the famous Essen Motor Show in Germany again this year, some might compare it to the SEMA show in the United States as it is one of the largest tuning oriented indoor events in Europe, this year about 352,000 visitors came through the doors … fortunately we could avoid the rush by taking advantage of the press day to bring you the multitude of Raging Bulls that were present in Essen this year … and they ranged from the very early 1963 350GT model right up to the latest 2014 Huracán LP610-4.

In one of the main halls we usually encounter Klima-Lounge, a long time exhibitor in Essen that has shown some of the most amazing and rare Lamborghini ever made in Sant’Agata … and this year was no different.

Center stage was taken by a perfect example of the legendary Lamborghini Miura SV, finished in bright yellow she looked as if she just left the factory doors in Italy a few days earlier, while in fact this beauty was built in the Sixties … over 40 years ago, but this Giallo lady wasn’t even the oldest Bull present.

That honor went to a gold metallic Lamborghini 350GT with a perfect dark red leather interior, the 350GT was in fact the first actual production model to be built in Sant’Agata back in 1963, later on the engine would be enlarged to 4-Liter creating the Lamborghini 400GT model, adding two small seats in the rear resulted in the 400GT 2+2 model … two of these were also shown in Essen.

The 400 GT 2+2 would be succeeded by the more angular Islero model, that would later be replaced by the Jarama with her very special quad headlight treatment showing covers that would tilt down to unveil the four large, round lights … both the Islero and the Jarama were on display in Essen together with the larger, four seat Espada.

In fact one of the two Espada in Essen was truly unique … this 1969 model finished in a bright blue metallic paint with additional flakes received a black leather interior … on its own already very rare because of the paint, but what made this Espada really a one of a kind Bull was the fact the roof featured a large glass panel that flooded the interior with light making it almost a show car. Actually back then Prince Rainier opened the Monaco Grand Prix behind the steering wheel of this very car.

These days the Lamborghini Countach is becoming a rare sight, keep in mind the last one was built back in 1989, which is 25 years ago, so being eye to eye with no less than three of these low slow, futuristic looking Bulls is a real treat if you ask me … and even better was the fact we’re talking about three milestones in the Countach range.

First up was a pristine black Lamborghini LP400 … that’s right, one of the original narrow body cars with the special ‘Periscopo’ rear view mirror tunnel on the roof, despite rolling on rather thin wheels this first production version of the by now legendary Countach still looks really amazing … and good samples are demanding a serious investment to acquire these days.

Second Countach was another black one, but this time the LP400 S model, complete with wide wheel arches, massive rear wing and a custom two tone black and white interior, it wasn’t one of the very early LP400S that still had the Periscopo, but still she showed those highly sought after ‘Telephone dial’ wheels with the protruding holes … and in true Eighties style these wheels were gold painted, also note this specific Countach LP400S received a special side sill treatment.

Now we already saw the original LP400 and the first of the S series Countach … and the next best thing would surely have to be that amazing white Quattrovalvole on show. Without a doubt the QV evolution was the best Countach in the range, with the four-valve V12 engine that pumped out 455 bhp and looks to die for … this was the ultimate Bull to drive in the Eighties … no other car on the market could come even close to the effect a Countach QV had on onlookers … either on the open road or parked in the city … the Countach ruled!

A lot of people know the Lamborghini Gallardo and the now new Huracán … but keep in mind Lamborghini had an ‘entry level’ model many years ago already … the Urraco P250 was the first V8 production model to leave the factory in Sant’Agata, first in standard P250 trim with cloth seats, later on the improved S model was released … available with leather seats … eventually the Urraco would evolve into the stunning Silhouette of which only 52 were ever built … only to culminate in the Jalpa P3500, the latter two being a two seater only but with a removable roof panel making these in fact the first ‘convertible’ bulls ever.

Now tuning is a major part of the Essen Motor Show each year, and this year we could admire a very nice, bright green Lamborghini Gallardo, an early series model in fact, that received a lot of clear carbon fiber parts and some really nice looking wheels. Even the new Lamborghini Huracán was present, but other than a custom wrap to mimic the Italian Polizia edition this recent V10 didn’t seem to have received any additional customization.

Which makes our last two Bulls in Essen even more impressive … how about a clear carbon fiber, matte finished Lamborghini Aventador Roadster …. or should we say the Mansory Carbonado Apertos as this car was just about completely modified from front to end, I doubt many original parts from Sant’Agata still remain on this open top exotic … only three in the world by the way, priced at €1,200,000 … plus taxes.

If you think Mansory is the only one that takes a Lamborghini, completely strips her and installs new body panels … think again. Check out the matte black Fortori SR66 that was finished just days before the Essen Motor Show opened the doors … last year we found the already impressive Gallardo SE700 at the same show which would later on evolve into the SR66-2 by Suhorovsky Design … today Suhorovsky decided to transfer their Lamborghini tuning section to a new company called Fortori, and for that occasion the SR66 was repainted in this stunning matte black finished … note this isn’t a wrap, it is actual paint … and that dark red leather interior is the next item on the list to be modified by the way.

If you compare the official photos of the SR66 by Suhorovsky to these new ones taken at the Essen Motor Show you’ll notice a few modifications … among other things the amazing looking air intakes on top of the rear fenders … very box styled, similar to the ones seen on the legendary Countach in fact. Add the glossy clear carbon fiber parts that contrast very nicely with the matte black paint and this totally modified Lamborghini Gallardo is right up there with the custom made cars from Mansory … located in Poland they can transform your Gallardo into an SR66 in a matter of weeks.

So once again our visit to the Essen Motor Show was a success, we’ve seen some amazing custom made Bulls and some of the most important models ever made in Sant’Agata … the entire range from 1963 right up to 2014 was present this time, so it was surely worth the drive … we can’t wait for the 2015 edition to come up.