Lamborghini Gallardo Renazzo by Vorsteiner – Guide

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We’ve published news about a brand new styling package for the Lamborghini Gallardo series from renowned Vorsteiner back in December 2012 already … it would take another 12 months to have the first part of this new Renazzo-V kit finished: the stupendously beautiful front bumper.

The first photos of a beautiful dark blue metallic Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-5 with the Vorsteiner Renazzo ‘front fascia replacement’ have recently been published as a teaser, they show a very innovative design finished in a 2×2 carbon fiber weave center section while the sides are color coded to the rest of the bodywork, later on Vorsteiner published an entire series showcasing this very intricate design.

The really interesting feature of the Renazzo-V front bumper are the two vertical fins on either side, these are taller then the ones seen on the Lamborghini Aventador J and actually look closer like the fins on the limited edition Aventador LP720-4 50th Anniversary … however on the latter one the top of the fins bend back into the front bumper while on this Renazzo version the fins stay upright all the way.

Also the center section of the Vorsteiner Renazzo front bumper shows a very angular design with a far forward protruding middle fin and replacement honeycomb mesh for the massive intakes … it might not really look identical to the original 3D renders made a year ago, but in real life it does look very impressive nonetheless.

Inspiration for this innovative design came from the Super Trofeo race car according to Vorsteiner, but I guess that doesn’t apply to the vertical fins but more to the impressive side sills and rear lower diffuser that is still on the drawing board.

With the production of the Gallardo being halted recently at 14,022 units the market for styling and tuning parts for this most successful Lamborghini ever is certainly large enough to add another aerodynamic kit, especially from a company like Vorsteiner.

I can’t wait for them to complete the rest of the parts that should become available in the Renazzo V package, taking a look at the rear render the side sills, rear wing and lower diffuser sure look very interesting too.