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So you’ve missed out on the production run of the Lamborghini Veneno that has been unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show … which wasn’t so hard considering only three were available to the public and the rather hefty price tag of 3 million Euro didn’t scare people away either … all three cars were sold in a matter of hours, two going to US residents and the third one being owned by a Middle Eastern customer.

Also the color was already determined beforehand, making the choice a lot easier for the potential customer, the Lamborghini Veneno will be built in green, white and red … just like the Italian TriColore flag … while the Geneva Show car was finished in a timid grey metallic shade.

For all those people that didn’t get the opportunity to park this very special limited edition Lamborghini Veneno in their garage renowned MR Collection is offering the next best thing … a highly detailed 1/18 scale model of this Raging Bull.

For one this scale model will be a lot less expensive to acquire while it still be a numbered, limited edition model complete with certificate … on the other hand you will not be able to drive it … these sealed resin models are for display purpose only, but still you are able to admire it on your desk while working … or in your living room display, although some Lamborghini owners are also able to admire their actual car from their living room, but that’s another story.

And there is more … not only will MR Collection release their 1/18 scale model in grey metallic, Verde Ithaca, Bianco Monocerus and Rosso Mars … but also in Nero Nemesis (where have you seen that one before … oh yes, right here) and in Arancio Argos (the by now classic shade on the Aventador LP700-4) … but also in yellow metallic, and judging from the color samples MR published this yellow could very well be the Giallo Maggio shade developed for the Aventador LP720-4 50° Anniversario.

Just to wet your appetite I’ve put together a virtual mockup of a yellow metallic Lamborghini Veneno, and combined with the clear carbon fiber and red touches I have to admit it doesn’t look too bad … one thing I am very interested in seeing is how the shades will be applied to the Veneno by MR, rumor has it all three customer cars will be grey metallic and only the green, white and red shade will be used on the sections where the Geneva Show car had the TriColore decal … while others mention the entire car will be painted … much like the renders I’ve made earlier.