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Selling a $500,000 super exotic car might not be easy in the current economic climate, but still Automobili Lamborghini SpA managed to increase their sales for a third year in a row, despite the fact the Aventador has been introduced about 30 months ago you will still have to wait over a year for delivery when you order one today, and that’s for both the LP700-4 and the LP700-4 Roadster.

While the Aventador range is currently the only V12 available from Sant’Agata it still managed to become the most successful V12 in the history of Lamborghini when it comes to sales in one year no less than 1,001 units were delivered in 2013, that is a 9% increase over last year (when 922 were sold), while the special 50th Anniversary edition was only available 100 times in closed form and 100 times as an open-top Roadster the LP720-4 variant managed to sell out in a matter of months, deliveries of those limited edition models is still ongoing in 2014 by the way.

We all know 2013 was a year of celebration for Automobili Lamborghini, and while the Aventador LP720-4 model was already very impressive you’ll have to admit the Veneno LP750-4 took the prize of being the most impressive Lamborghini ever while remaining to be street legal, however only 3 were made (4 in fact, but one remains at the factory), but it still was a first sign of just how serious the 50th Anniversary celebrations were taken in Sant’Agata.

The amazing Grande Giro gathered 353 different Lamborghinis from all over the world and from all ages, with the culmination right at the factory after more then 1,200 Miles through the most beautiful Italian landscapes and things only got better when the one-of-a-kind Egoista was unveiled during the Gala Dinner in the evening.

If you keep in mind the Lamborghini Gallardo has been in production for over a decade and just about everybody knew the successor was just around the corner, the fact this amazing V10 still managed to sell 1,120 units in 2013 is all the more impressive, in fact, 1,161 were sold in 2012, so only 41 more an amazing feat for the Gallardo after a total of 14,022 units the new Huracán LP610-4 will take over in 2014.

If we take a look at the distribution of these sales it becomes obvious Lamborghini has things perfectly aligned these days, the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) accounts for 34% of sales, America takes the lead with 36% and the Asia Pacific market holds the remaining 30% a near perfect balance that is achieved by a network of no less than 129 official dealers in 46 countries, note that a total of 1,029 people were working in Sant’Agata at the end of 2013.

I’m sure with the deliveries of the brand new Huracán starting in the second half of 2014 the sales numbers for this year might even top those of 2013 Lamborghini is on the right way with the Aventador which might be receiving a mild facelift by the time the Paris Motor Show opens in late 2014 and with a brand new V10 model that will appeal to an even broader segment of the market I think the Gallardo successor will have no problem filling the shoes of this best-selling Bull ever.