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Lamborghini hasn’t been into racing like some of the competition for many years, still a few attempts have been made in the past when engines were supplied to some Formula One teams, in 1996 the already impressive Diablo SV was converted into a race car for the Philippe Charriol Supersport Trophy while 1999 saw the Diablo GTR Supertrophy on the race track.

The monomarque style these Raging Bulls competed in looked like a great concept and when the Gallardo reached maturity the Super Trofeo championship was inaugurated … offering both professional drivers and gentleman drivers to take the wheel of a V10 race car on a select number of tracks in Europe, later expanded into Asia by the way.

In-between we saw the awesome Murciélago R-GT and R-SV developed by Reiter Engineering GmbH competing in famous 24h races like LeMans and Spa Francorchamps, but also in FIA GT1 championships and even in the LeMans Series (the LMS) where this V12 flagship encountered competition from LMP models, or the LeMans Prototype series … and this latter is exactly where the concept shown here could compete … meet the Lamborghini LMP-F Concept from Sabino Design.

Naturally it isn’t an official Lamborghini concept, but Dutch based designer Sabino Leerentveld sure did a very good job at creating an LMP race car with a Lamborghini pedigree, even the matte black shade looks right at home combined with the gold lettering … a but too ‘John Player Special’ perhaps, but still the Raging Bull logo is a gold one on the official Lamborghini logo.

The name for this concept came from Sabino’s combined interest in both LeMans Prototype racing and Formula One … hence LMP-F, according to Sabino power could be derived from a 3 liter V12 engine pumping out 1200hp while being mounted in a lightweight frame, this race car should put only 700kg on the scales … now that is one hell of a power to weight ratio.

Now I don’t think Automobili Lamborghini SpA is considering something like this to enter the LeMans Series or make a new attempt into Formula One racing … but take a closer look at this design, it is in fact a two seater. Sabino made the remark that a co-driver would be needed to monitor the electronics of his LMP-F during the race so the driver only needs to concentrate on driving … much like in off-shore powerboat racing I guess.

But such a two seater setup would also offer a totally different possibility … think about it, we’ve seen the one of a kind Lamborghini Aventador J in Geneva in 2012, only one was built and it was sold right on the spot for a serious amount of money. The Aventador J looked very impressive, and many think it is a preview of the Super Veloce version of the Aventador … but with only one available several customers were left out in the cold.

In comes the Sesto Elemento, a magnificent concept shown back in 2010 in Paris … that will now be built in a limited production run of 20 units, priced at 2,000,000 Euro each it is already sold out too, and what’s even more: it isn’t street legal in most parts of the world and it isn’t a race car either (there is no roll over cage) … so it is a track event car like the Ferrari FXX … you can own it, but you can only drive it on private grounds and race tracks.

Back to this Lamborghini LMP-F, it features two seats just like the Aventador J and Sesto Elemento … and similar to the J it doesn’t have a roof … it isn’t an ‘open wheel’ car either, add some safety measures and I think it could be possible to turn this into a radical, street legal ultra racy limited edition Lamborghini.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see something like this on the road using experience gained from the race inspired suspension pushrod built into the Aventador combined with a carbon fiber monocoque that has been developed by Lamborghini in their very own CFRP facility, I’m sure they would be able to build a car like this in a very limited production run and sell it for at least 2,000,000 Euro like the Sesto Elemento … with the added bonus of driving it on the open road.

But this is unlikely to happen I guess … still it is really nice to dream about it right?