2021 Lamborghini SC20

A One-Off 759 Horsepower Speedster based on the Aventador SVJ

2021 sc20 12
Lamborghini sc20
1 Unit
6.5 L Nat Aspirated V12
760 bhp @ 8,500 rpm
531 ft lbs @ 6,750 rpm
0 - 60 mph
2.5 seconds
Top Speed
168mph (270kmh)

Back in October we already published an article on a new model that was being tested on the track by Squadra Corse, so we put together the hints and asked if that would be a new SC20, with the SC18 from 2018 in mind on December 8 we see an article in the UK Top Gear magazine showcasing a white Lamborghini SC20 confirming what we thought: one lucky customer managed to convince the Lamborghini Centro Stile to design a one-off for him, and have Squadra Corse build it in real life.

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A week later, on December 16, 2020, Automobili Lamborghini SpA officially announced the SC20, a Barchetta track car from Squadra Corse that is fully street-legal, designed by Lamborghini Centro Stile with a body made from carbon fiber to the exact wishes of the customer, who was involved right from the design stage already.

Two years after the SC18 Alston, the SC20 would take the same philosophy of a race-car for road use, taking aerodynamics from the track to the street, but remain true to some of the masterpieces in the history of Lamborghini. Inspiration from the Diablo Roadster prototype, the Aventador J, and the Concept S was taken for the low, almost non-existent windshield, while the fact this would become a Barchetta with no roof whatsoever, they took the design of the Veneno Roadster buttress to the next level and implemented it onto the SC20, but without the central fin and air intake.

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Some of the body design elements were taken from the SC18 Alston, but the design was further evolved for the SC20 by a pair of bespoke headlights and taillights, the latter being inspired by the Sián units, which in turn were inspired by the Countach taillights the SC20 takes almost 60 years of Lamborghini history into one design, and if you look closely at the exterior rearview mirrors, these come from the brand new Essenza SCV12 track-only Lamborghini.

From the photos it looks like the entire front segment of the Lamborghini SC20 comes off in one piece, there are no body lines to be found, so either the entire front, complete with fenders lifts off, or Lamborghini made this into a cofango too, just as we’ve seen on the Huracán STO that was recently unveiled. And the same applies to the rear apparently, there isn’t a hinged engine cover, but what looks like two round locks that can release the entire rear body section above the engine, most likely similar to the engine cover on the Veneno Roadster.

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On the inside of the Lamborghini SC20, the seats and central console remind us of the Centenario Roadster, the race-style carbon fiber sport seats are fitted with a Nero Cosmus Alcantara upholstery combined with Blu Cepheus and Bianco Leda, the dashboard pod on the other hand seems to have been taken from the new Sián while the air vents are 3D printed just for the SC20, a lot of visible carbon fiber can be found inside the SC20 the overall impression is amazing nonetheless.


For the engine of this Bianco Fu Lamborghini SC20, Squadra Corse took the well-known, proven 6.5 liter V12 from the Aventador SVJ, 770hp with 720Nm of torque would be adequate for a Barchetta I guess, power still goes to the four-wheel drive with a central, electronic differential, and while the wheels are 20 inch at the front, and 21 inch at the rear, these look like the Veneno’s Raze wheels, but with a different ‘aero’ ring fitted, still center-lock naturally.

Nothing official has been mentioned about the price (or value) of this bespoke Lamborghini SC20, nor about the lucky customer that will be able to drive it, but, Mitja Bortkert, Head of Design at Lamborghini Centro Stile, mentioned the owner intends to drive this valuable Raging Bull on the open road regularly let’s just hope it doesn’t rain too much where he’ll keep this truly amazing looking Lamborghini.