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In early March we were all anticipating to see something special unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show … some sources talked about a front engine V12 GT model from Lamborghini, others talked about a special celebration edition for the 50th Anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini SpA … but they were all wrong … the news was even better.

Stephan Winkelmann, CEO and Director of Automobili Lamborghini SpA proudly unveiled the very impressive looking Veneno super car … an over the top evolution of the Aventador LP700-4 turning the already very potent street car into a true race car … while remaining street legal the Veneno shows a styling that is as close to an endurance race car as possible, by uprating the engine to 750hp the performance took a boost too, making this the fastest Lamborghini ever made.

Only slight problem … the Veneno is priced at 3 million Euro … without taxes … and to make things even worse only three will be built, and by the time we managed to see the car in Geneva all three were already sold … unseen!

Two of the Lamborghini Veneno units were picked up by residents of the United States, Antoine Dominic and Kris Singh managed to secure two of the car while the third one was bought by someone from the Middle East who asked to remain anonymous … but apparently is the same person that also bought the Aventador J in 2012 … and owns a Reventon Roadster too, a real Lamborghini enthusiast I would say.

With only three cars in the entire world … well that would be four in fact as this grey metallic Lamborghini Veneno remains property of the factory, it is not for sale, chances of seeing one in real life, and I mean outside of a closed stand at some major car show, are slim to non existant I would say … until you visit the Lamborghini VIP Village at the Super Trofeo race paddock, like last weekend (April 13-14) in Monza where everybody could admire the Veneno in plain daylight.

Sure it was fenced to keep the more eager members of the public away, but still it was the first time the general public was able to admire the rare Lamborghini Veneno out in the open air, I’m sure the sunlight resulted in some really amazing reflections on that grey metallic bodywork with all those air intakes, outlets, wings and clear carbon fiber … the Veneno will never cease to impress.

The video below posted by A8C100 shows the Veneno on display in Monza during the weekend of April 13th-14th: