Breaking! Lamborghini’s First Full EV Offering Will Be A Practical 2+2 GT Launching In 2028

Upcoming EV may share Porsche platform, offer four seats

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Stepping away from its iconic internal-combustion engines, Lamborghini officially embarks on its electrification journey, planning to launch its first fully electric vehicle by 2028. This bold move manifests in a surprising yet enticing concept – a practical four-seater grand tourer.

Traditionally known for its powerful V10 and V12 engines, Lamborghini’s path toward a sustainable future began with a dedicated hybrid model. The introduction of the 1,001-horsepower plug-in hybrid Revuelto, launched in honor of the brand’s 60th anniversary, the Revuelto marked a significant shift towards electrification. With the unveiling of the Revuelto, Lamborghini also bid farewell to its “pure” naturally-aspirated V12 flagship models and embraced a new era of automotive innovation.

A practical and traditional four-seater Grand Tourer, and Not an SUV!

Lamborghini's first full ev will be a 2+2 gthttps://www. Lambocars. Com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/estoque5. Jpg
the estoque interior showcased here

CEO Stephan Winkelmann cleared the air surrounding Lamborghini’s anticipated electric vehicle to Motor1 recently. Winkelmann announced that the brand’s first electric vehicle would be a grand tourer with a 2+2 configuration and not an SUV. Winkelmann stated, “We’re introducing a new body style—a GT 2+2, a good addition to the two super-sports cars and the SUV.”

Lamborghini’s chief technology officer, Rouven Mohr, confirmed Winkelmann’s vision, stating that combustion engines with electric assistance remain the best fit for supercars. According to Mohr, Lamborghini aims to create a “user-oriented” car that balances everyday drivability and Lamborghini’s signature performance.

Will the 2008 Estoque Concept finally get a life?

Lamborghini's first full ev will be grand tourer

Lamborghini teased the idea of a four-seat vehicle with the Estoque concept in 2008. The upcoming model, designed as a tribute to Lamborghini’s grand tourer history, will maintain the brand’s unique design ethos. Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s head of design, reassured that the new model would remain faithful to Lamborghini’s distinctive design DNA.

A New Platform with Porsche?

Lamborghini's first full ev will likely share platform with porsche
this image is for representational purposes only (image source- porsche)

Lamborghini plans to build the new model on the SSP Sport platform, developed alongside Porsche. This platform will also underpin future versions of the Taycan, Panamera, and an all-electric Urus successor. Featuring an 800-volt electrical architecture and up to 350kW fast charging, the platform promises to be technologically advanced, reliable, and incredibly fun to drive.

Will Lambo play it safe?

While specific details are currently scarce regarding the forthcoming Lamborghini’s First Full EV, it’s suggested that a concept preview will be revealed shortly. This preview should provide insights into Lamborghini’s trajectory with their Electric vehicle.

The question now lies in the approach Lamborghini will adopt. Will they choose the traditional, safer path or uphold their reputation for bold design and superior performance by taking a more daring route? Time will tell.