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When you talk  about tuning for high end super cars I’m sure German based Novitec will be among the ones that get mentioned, and to make an aerodynamic kit really stand out you need some amazing rims to complete the look … and in that case ADV.1Wheels from the United States is right at the same high level as Novitec … so it makes absolute sense to have these two masters in their segment work together.

To have a wheel that matches the aggressive look of the Novitec Torado they turned to ADV.1 to have a wheel designed exclusively for Novitec … they came up with a turbine styled NL2 forged wheel in a large 9×20 inch up front and even larger 12.5×21 inch for the rear while the Pirelli tires are 255/30 ZR 20 front and 355/25 ZR 21 for this setup.

What makes these Novitec Torado + ADV1 wheels even more interesting is the fact only 25 sets will be produced, each of them numbered and available in different shades to complement the bodywork of the Aventador Novitec Torado they are fitted to.

Also note all four wheels in a set are in fact different, naturally the front and rear are unlike each other because of their width and concave design, but also right to left wheels are different in this Novitec Torado + ADV1 wheels setup … note the angle of the dual spokes, they give an impression of speed even when standing still … so they have to show a different ‘angle’ left to right … a very nice design that clearly shows the attention to detail that went into creating these limited edition units.

Naturally the Novitec Torado aerodynamic kit is already well-known, but just in case you need a reminder we are talking about a very complete package starting with the usual, deeper front bumper consisting of two sections at the left and right that can be completed with a central section for even more down force … all finished in clear carbon fiber or ready to be painted.

The Novitec side sills have been causing a controversy online since they were introduced, but still their innovative design sure looks really good on the angular styling of the Aventador, while the lower rear diffuser adds to the looks even further … as does the large rear wing, available in two versions … a single wing edition and a much better looking double wing version.

Novitec was among the first to offer a replacement front hood for the Aventador that features air intakes … again available in clear carbon fiber or prepared for a paint finish … and even more air intakes can be added to the engine cover … all very impressive and they fit nicely together with the original styling of the Lamborghini Aventador.

Not only does the Lamborghini Aventador with Novitec Torado kit and NL2 wheels look like it is ready to shred the road ahead, with the Bi-Compressor engine tuning that could boost power right up to 1000hp/736kW you can rest assured this lady is as fast as she looks.