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If you are looking for custom wheels to fit onto your Lamborghini chances are you will at one point arrive at PUR Wheels, this company has been building some of the most amazing looking after market rims for exotic cars you’ve even seen … remember they were among the first to unveil a finish called ‘Rose Gold‘ and recently showed a matte grey Gallardo with red anodized wheels that were later replaced by ‘Giallo Tenerife‘ finished wheels … innovation is what it is all about at PUR Wheels.

And now we get to admire a bright green metallic Lamborghini Gallardo (official name is Verde Ithaca naturally) that received a set of 8IGHT Monoblock units from PUR Wheels, these wheels are characterized by very delicate looking, rather thin spokes … five of them per wheel in fact, and especially the wider version fitted at the rear of this Gallardo show a very impressive inward curve of these spokes … these are very special looking wheels … just perfect for this equally special Lamborghini.

However the beautiful PUR Wheels are just one part of the equation here, the brake calipers on this car have been repainted in a magnificent TriColore scheme complete with black Lamborghini script … this takes the entire car to the next level, and thanks to the narrow spokes of the PUR 8IGHT Monoblock wheels you can admire the brake calipers even better … at the rear the wide Toyo Proxes tires measure a whopping 315mm … full specs of these are 315/25ZR20 … so the PUR Wheels are 20 inch units all around.

The owner of this Verde Ithaca Gallardo had the roof and windshield pillars wrapped in matte black, also the glass engine cover got a matte black wrap while a massive Super Veloce style rear wing was ordered from DMC, complete with vertical stabilization fins … add some window tint and you are looking at a very, very impressive package while the overall stance of the Lamborghini Gallardo has been optimized with a lower suspension nicely tucking the larger rims into the wheel arches.

The latest photos published by PUR Wheels on this car list it as a Superleggera, and it sure looks to be one of those illusive Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera models with that far forward pointing front bumper with the large side vents and matte black sections, there is even the typical black decal on the side with the Superleggera script and TriColore flag at the top … but somehow things started to look strange.

So I started looking around and found some older photos on the PUR Wheels website showing an identical shade Gallardo, complete with front bumper, carbon side skirts, carbon fiber rear view mirrors and a massive clear carbon fiber rear diffuser with those awesome ‘heat discolored’ exhaust tips rolling in identical wheels in front of the same TriColore brake calipers … only this car was an LP550-2 edition.

This Gallardo LP550-2 didn’t have the large DMC rear wing installed and the roof was still finished in Verde Ithaca … while the black decal on the door red ‘Gallardo’ … on these later photos there is a genuine looking ‘Superleggera’ script on the door but one more thing got me looking for clues: the rear wing.

I admit that massive DMC rear wing looks really nice and fits in style with the rest of this green Gallardo like a glove, but take a close look at the rear view … the original rear wing with rear view camera is still in place … and it is color coded green with a matte black wrap on top, also the engine cover … albeit being a glass one like on the Superleggera … isn’t finished in clear carbon fiber just like that small, original rear wing. Now on the LP570-4 Superleggera the high rear wing was a $6,500 option and this smaller one was standard … but it should be clear carbon fiber.

Some more details didn’t add up either, take a look at the side sills, sure the carbon fiber fin is there, but look closer at the green section … there is a matte black curve going up just ahead of the rear wheels, which came into play with the Gallardo LP550-2 while there should be a nice plate stating ‘LP570-4’ in front of the rear wheels too … there isn’t one on either side.

But then again … who cares … with looks like this the added bonus of being rear wheel drive only adds even more fun to driving it. This Lamborghini Gallardo looks really nice, and even if it is a Superleggera look alike … I sure wouldn’t mind parking it on my driveway.