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We’ve seen the first detailed renders of the Lamborghini Huracán being converted into an LP630-4 AFFARI a while ago when DMC released their teaser … but now DMC has their entire package ready to be installed on the first customer cars that get delivered, making them one of the first tuners on the market with a full aerodynamic set for the brand new Huracán.

As Rosso Mars is quickly becoming one of the most popular shades on the new 2014 Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 the first DMC LP630-4 AFFARI kit seems to be installed on that very shade, which works perfectly well with the flawless, clear carbon fiber finish parts made by DMC.

At the rear we’ll find a wing in the well-know, aggressive DMC style finding a place on the extremities of the louvered engine cover, naturally full, lightweight carbon fiber … not visible on these images but there will also be a carbon fiber lower diffuser at the back of the new V10 Bull.

On the sides we do find the special side sills from DMC, for their Stage 1 AFFARI setup these have a small vertical fin just behind the front wheels while towards the rear these sills rise again to follow the lines of the lower air intake in front of the rear wheels … style and function combined as these ‘winglets’ help to keep the airflow around the Bull stabilized, even at high speed.

Up front there are two nice fins that find their place under the original front bumper, proudly showing the DMC logo on their carbon fiber finish … but what really jumps in view are those innovative side air vents on the bumper. Now you might ask why I call them innovative when the Superleggera version of the Gallardo already showed this style … just as a note: DMC made these vents in such a way they are in fact added onto the original bumper without cutting into it. That’s right, these air vents with their horizontal carbon fiber fin just add-onto the bumper … hence they can be removed when the car is sold and the next owner doesn’t like them … without having to buy an entire, very expensive front bumper.

That’s what DMC has become famous for … most of their tuning packages for the Aventador can also be removed, turning the car back in to factory original shape without having to buy new parts.