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Ever since the first reports about a possible replacement for the Lamborghini Gallardo have been published a lot has been going on about the name for this new model, some mentioned Cabrera from an early stage on, but later Deimos and Huracán got trademarked by Automobili Lamborghini SpA, so the ‘naming game ‘ went on for months and months.

In recent interviews Stephan Winkelmann, CEO and director of Automobili Lamborghini SpA, clearly stated the new Lamborghini model, internally known as LB724, would not be called Cabrera, naturally he never disclosed the name that would be selected … many articles still mention Cabrera to be the designation for the upcoming Lamborghini V10 model … until now: AutoExpress published an article online clearly stating ‘a source’ has confirmed the car to be unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show will be called Huracán instead … which makes sense if you know that the third name: ‘Deimos’ has in fact been used for the special shade of metallic red seen on the Urus concept … Rosso Deimos.

In April 2012 the name ‘Huracán’ was registered for Automobili Lamborghini SpA in class 12 for ‘passenger cars and structural parts thereof’ and in class 28 for ‘model cars’, while most of us might recognize it as being Spanish for hurricane, it is also the god of Fire, Wind and Storm in ancient Mayan mythology … so many people were under the impression this name was a move away from bullfighting … but it isn’t.

It took some research, but ‘El Huracán’ was in fact a real life bull … it was even called ‘El Toro del Siglo’ … the Bull of the century, now that would really be a fitting name for the Lamborghini Gallardo successor … after all Huracán stands for Power, Strength, Fear, Danger and Destruction … intimidating synonyms for a new breed of Lamborghini super car.

Today some new photos were also published showing another road test of a cameo covered prototype being followed by a black Aventador during further ‘real life’ testing on the streets, the missing cameo on the lower sides clearly show a triangular air intake set low in front of the rear wheels while the front bumper looks very close to the renders published earlier.

This time we did notice a different engine cover on these shots … the louvres returned, we’ve seen these on photos before but a different cover was shown on other test cars that featured a glass center with fins on the sides, however a recent article by ‘Only The Best‘ in which they state they actually saw the production car already, mentions a ‘Miura‘ style engine cover too.

Still every piece of information at this time is pure speculation, there has been no official word on how the new Lamborghini V10 model will be called, nor have there been any details about power output … in fact even a V10 engine hasn’t been confirmed … nor denied, so we might be seeing a V8 of some kind, heck even a Hybrid is possible … Stephan Winkelmann did give a nice answer when being questioned about Hybrid Lamborghini: ‘when the market demands this, Automobili Lamborghini SpA will look into this’ … so my guess is we won’t be seeing a Hybrid inside the Gallardo successor just yet.

From the two teaser movies published earlier we aren’t getting any wiser either … a nice marketing stunt, and I have to admit the second one was rather funny with the battery running out … but we all want to know about the specifications and see the new Lamborghini model … we’ll have to wait some more I guess …