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We all know the Lamborghini Aventador will be replaced in little over a year, but the V12 hybrid successor isn’t quite ready yet, so it seems the production line in Sant’Agata has to be kept busy, and what better way to achieve that than to put out some ‘Special Edition’ models?

Recently we saw Lamborghini unveiling the Ultimae as the final edition for the NA V12 engine, a limited edition of which only 350 Coupe and 250 Roadster will be available over the course of the next 12 months or so, and in the next day or so we will see the official introduction of their Countach homage, but it seems that’s still not enough for the marketing guru’s in Sant’Agata … so here comes the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series … what’s in a name, right?

Aventador s roadster korean special series 2

This isn’t the first time Lamborghini created a market-specific version of a running model, on the previous flagship V12, the Murciélago, we’ve seen the Super Veloce China Edition too, within a limited production model (only 350 SV‘s were to be built, in the end, 186 were effectively built) Lamborghini made an ever more exclusive run of 10 China Edition models, all finished in Grigio Telesto with an orange and black stripe … it looked good if you ask me.

A similar feat was done with the more recent Aventador SVJ, limited to 900 Coupe and 800 Roadster, but also a special ’63’ series within the SVJ production of … 63 units, and they weren’t even done yet, then they came up with the Xago, only 10 units, all Roadster and finished in Bianco Asopo with some amazing holographic paint on the doors and fenders … so it’s clear that if you were under the impression we saw a lot of versions on the Gallardo before, the Aventador might even top the first V10 Lamborghini by the time the successor comes around in 2023.

Aventador s roadster korean special series 3

The Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series is limited to two units, one finished in Green Ocno to symbolize the ‘warm Korean sentiment’ while the second comes in ‘Blue Emera’ which symbolizes ‘intelligence and wisdom’, both have a Bianco Leda interior as a reference to ‘the white-clad race’, as in the national spirit of Korea.

But it’s not only the body and interior color that is a reference to Korea, the front hood, both doors, the rear fenders, and even on the seats and the firewall behind the seats all show the famous patterns of traditional Korean windows, a criss-cross of horizontal and vertical lines, also note the engine bay even shows Geon and Gam, the two trigrams of the Korean flag.

Aventador s roadster korean special series 6

Francesco Scardaoni, Regional Director for Automobili Lamborghini in Asia Pacific said: “We are excited to introduce the highly-exclusive Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series to Lamborghini enthusiasts in Korea. This special series further highlights the importance of the Korean super sports car market for Lamborghini. Featuring design elements that symbolize the rich Korean culture and heritage, it definitely stands out and inculcates a strong sense of national pride when it’s on the Korean roads.”

Frank Steinleitner, Representative Director of Lamborghini Seoul, said: “‘Together with Automobili Lamborghini Centro Stile, we have uniquely developed the Aventador S Roadster Korean SpecialSeries that are made exclusively available only for Korea. The entire development process from conceptualization to production has been an enriching one and we look forward to introducing more special editions to our discerning clients in Korea.”

Aventador s roadster korean special series 18

So it seems we might even be seeing more limited production models destined for a certain market in the future, the official press release doesn’t mention if these two unique Aventador S Roadster have found an owner yet, or if they are just now being made available for their local VIP customers.

There are a lot more photos in our extensive IMAGE gallery on this Aventador S Roadster Korean Special Series.