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Oakley Design has created quite a reputation when it comes to tuning high end super cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, which in factory specs has a healthy power output of 700hp, but that didn’t seem good enough for Jon Oakley who manages to pull 760hp from the massive 6.5 Liter V12 engine.

And that’s not even the best part, if you really want to have some serious fun in the Lamborghini V12 flagship you can ask Oakley design to build an Aventador LP760-2 for you … yes, that is a ‘2’ designation which means rear wheel drive only and 760hp under the pedal … it would be wise to be an experienced driver to cope with all that power I guess.

Things got even better when Refined Marques teamed up with Oakley Design and created the Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition, a limited edition production run of only 10 units, all numbered and built to order, the first one was actually finished in a very special chrome turquoise wrap while the Dragon Edition 2 of 10  was a more timid looking Nero Nemesis livery … initially.

As far as I could track it down this black Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition was seriously altered when Oakley prepared it to be delivered to the Luxury Signature Collection in Doha … not only was it wrapped in a stunning looking matte white vinyl that totally transformed the look of the car, but on the inside many details were custom made for this car only.

Normally the Aventador LP760-4 Dragon edition has a nice crest embroided on the door panels, however on this matte white car the top section of the door got covered in white leather and a ‘Luxury Signature’ appeared in black stitching to replace the dragon, a similar thing happened to the door sills, still finished in clear carbon fiber they now show ‘LP760-4 Luxury Signature’ instead of the initial ‘760-4 Dragon Edition 02/10’

While talking about the interior, take a close look at the photos and you will notice a very beautiful combination of black and white leather … this looks like a completely new upholstery in fact as the original matte black 02/10 car had a full black interior with orange stitching, I have to admit the additional white sections and the white stitching do look really good inside this now matte white Aventador.

Furthermore there are ‘Luxury Signature’ custom made headrest mounted and the door handles have been replaced with clear carbon fiber units, just like parts on the central console … this is an option available from the factory now too, but Oakley Design can also fit them to any Aventador.

On the outside the first thing that captures your eye will most likely be that amazing looking clear carbon fiber rear wing, after intensive airflow testing at the MIRA facilty in the UK this wing was set at a 15 degree angle to improve stability. The air intakes in the front bumper, behind the side windows and on the side of the LP760-4 have also been developed with the help of the Mira wind tunnel to increase cooling functionality while the extended front splitter and the new rear difuser help to increase down force and stabilty at high speed at the same time.

At the rear we can also witness part of the power increase, the exhaust system of the factory standard Aventador has been replaced with a custom made titanium exhaust system showing four round end tubes with a total weight of only 6kg, improved fume flow and reprogramming the ECU by Veizu will increase the power output of the engine by nearly 10% … from 700hp up to 760hp … do note that the Dragon Edition retain their four wheel drive, so these are LP760-4 to be exact.

One thing that has remained from the very beginning is the choice of wheels … why would you change a winning team right? Oakley Design went straight for the very best in their Aventador tuning package by installing HRE wheels, more specifically the renowned P40SC units, 9.5×19 inch up front and 13x20inch at the back in an awesome high gloss black finish. Behind these state of the art wheels we can clearly see the custom painted red brake calipers that could show the ‘Dragon Edition’ script on them instead of the usual ‘Lamborghini’, a small detail, but it counts.

Other typical touches of the Oakley Design Aventador kit is the clear carbon fiber roof and air intake covers, on this car the air vents in front of the windshield also receive the carbon fiber treatment while only one exterior rear view mirror is showing a carbon fiber touch … the driver side mirror actually boasts the Italian TriColore flag, another interesting detail that only appeared on this Aventador at a later stage.

The absolutely amazing photos in this article have been made by Malek Fayoumi on location in Doha … and they show the intriguing design of this Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 by Oakley Design quite clearly, however one thing is a bit uncertain … is this still a Dragon Edition 02/10 or has it been turned into a Luxury Signature Edition 01/01 by all the custom work executed on this one, similar to the special LP760-4 for Nasser 01/01 finished in bright green with real gold flakes in the top coat … that was also a one-off.

Whichever is the case on this matte white Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 … it looks absolutely amazing and I’m sure it drives even better, so who cares what the exact designation on it is in the end …