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We all know DMC as one of the most important tuners when it comes to the current Lamborghini line up, their Aventador aerodynamic packages have taken over the market by storm … the initial MV (Molto Veloce) kit, also known as the Stage 1, just makes the V12 flagship from Sant’Agata look so much better without making it too obvious there is a kit installed.

If you want to take the Aventador to the next level DMC offers the Stage 2 kit which they call the Spezial Version … or SV, built in very limited numbers and on request only … no two DMC Aventador SV are the same … still the Stage 3 is by far the most aggressive one on the market today, the LP988-4 E-GT or Edizione GT is a pure race car for the road, inspired by the limited edition Veneno DMC has created a complete package that leaves nearly no panel of the original Aventador intact … and the result is simply stunning.

Very soon we will also be seeing the first DMC Huracan Affari in real life, so it is clear that DMC is on a roll when it comes to perfecting anything that leaves the factory gates in Sant’Agata … so what if the brand new LPI910-4 Asterion would ever be available on the market?

I’m sure DMC would have a complete package ready by the time the first cars reach their happy customer, offering several wheel designs and finishes … like the gold ones for that glittering Blue Elektra paint while a Rosso Mars Asterion would look really nice on a set of matte black ones with a red pinstripe … naturally looking even better with a lowered suspension.

No tuning package is complete without a set of aerodynamic appendages … like an aggressive front bumper, in this case with vertical uprights and finished in clear carbon fiber (the Forged Composite is a registered trademark so I guess that should be avoid) combined with a side sill and lower rear diffuser in the same venerable lightweight material.

The rear wing might be an option, sure it looks amazing in the same clear carbon fiber finish, but the Asterion does look very nice without it as seen on the blue render … so that would be up to the customer to decide.

At the moment the Lamborghini LPI910-4 is only a concept car … but keep in mind the Sesto Elemento started out as a concept car at the same Paris Motor Show too, and it still ended up being built in very limited numbers (20 to be exact) … so who knows … we might be seeing an Asterion in the near future too … and if we do I think DMC will be ready.