Lamborghini returns to Porto Cervo with the Pop-up Lounge

2022 the lounge porto cervo 1

Some might call it a ‘pop-up store’, but in Lamborghini terms, we call it a ‘Lounge’, and for the fourth year in a row, we get the Lamborghini Lounge in Sardegna, right on the Promenade du Port in via Porto Vecchio, but keep in mind you can only visit after fixing an appointment, between the time of writing, late July 2022, up to September 11, where you can book a test drive in a Urus, a Huracán, or take a look at the brand new Huracán Tecnica, and there’s even a small Ad Personam studio where you can spec your dream car, and sign the order form when you’re happy with it.

2022 the lounge porto cervo 2

Note that we still have two other, permanent Lamborghini Lounges too, one in New York and one in Tokyo, but the Porto Cervo one is a temporary Lounge, only there during the summer months, offering both VIP customers and guests the option to enjoy a taste of the Lamborghini lifestyle, over the next weeks Lamborghini will host both long-time owners and new customers to exclusive events that will combine scenic drives on some of Sardinia’s most beautiful roads, along the scintillating Costa Smeralda.

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Over the 600m² inside area and patio, you’ll be able to enjoy a 360° brand experience that not only includes some of the world’s most beautiful supercars and one of the most powerful SUV on the market, but also a selection of Lamborghini Accessori and some amazing partnerships, like the absolutely beautiful, award-winning Tecnomar 63 yacht inspired by the Lamborghini Sián, the first ‘hybrid’ ever sold to clients, albeit in very limited numbers, but inside the Lounge, you’ll also find the first-ever Lamborghini NFT project.

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Personally, I could spend countless hours in the Ad Personam Studio that has been set up inside the Lamborghini Lounge in Porto Cervo, where you can choose from over 400 different shades for the exterior, but you’ll also be able to see and touch multiple samples for the upholstery in your new Lamborghini, check out different wheel styles available to choose from, and a plethora of other details you can specify to create your bespoke Raging Bull to be made on the assembly line in Sant’Agata, you can even have your name embroidered on parts on the interior, just to create something really special.

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And just in case you can’t seem to find exactly what you are looking for among the samples of this Ad Personam Studio, fear not, there is a very extensive virtual configurator that will allow you to go even beyond your wildest dreams, with the guidance of a product specialist by your side, while you can be inspired by the demo cars Lamborghini that came to Porto Cervo, with a beautiful Lamborghini Huracán STO finished in the press-release Blu Laufey on Arancio California color combination, and it seems this specific two-tone has become quite popular among STO clients.

2022 the lounge porto cervo 10

Inside the Lounge, Lamborghini has also put the brand new Huracán Tecnica in Verde Selvans on display, the perfect combination of the Huracán EVO RWD and the Huracán STO, and while you can book test drives on the cars that are parked outside, more on those later, you are not able to take the new Tecnica on the road at this time, but even looking at this bright green metallic V10 will make you it down and configure your specific unit, make no mistake, the days of the NA V10 are counted as Lamborghini already confirmed the successor will be a hybrid, either with a V8 engine or a V10.

2022 the lounge porto cervo 15

At the time of writing, you had the choice between two models to take for a test drive, the very good-looking Arancio Alberich Huracán STO or the classic Blu Aegir Urus which happens to be the most successful Lamborghini in history in terms of sale numbers, and rumor has it we’ll be seeing a new Urus version at the upcoming Monterey Car Week in August in California, while there is still a Huracán that looks like the Sterrato being test driven too, and what about a Urus Ibrido, we’ve been waiting for that one for a long time now too … only time will tell I guess.

2022 the lounge porto cervo 17

But I did notice something very special in the official photos of the Lamborghini Lounge in Porto Cervo … remember the Lamborghini DNA book? At the time the most expensive book ever, a 309-page book initially unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, at that time the cover was made from Forged Composite, but probably the most impressive tidbit is the fact that the embossed Raging Bull crest on the cover was 24-carat gold plated bronze while they also use hot-stamped lettering using 24-carat gold sheets, back in 2019 the list price was €9,900 … but things have evolved, and now they show the II Edition in Porto Cervo, with a smaller crest on the cover, which is now made from carbon fiber … only 150 units will be printed, on-demand only, and this second edition has been updated content-wise by Antonio Ghini … you can own this extremely luxurious and rare book for just €14,250.

2022 the lounge porto cervo 6

For now, let’s take another look at some photos from the Lamborghini Lounge in Porto Cervo:

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