Aventador-V Zaragoza by Vorsteiner – Guide

Aventador-v zaragoza by vorsteiner - guide - lamborghini aventador
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Back in November 2013 renowned Vorsteiner introduced their V-series tuning package for the Lamborghini Aventador, not only did they add some amazing carbon fiber parts, but Vorsteiner Nero also increased horsepower to 740 … hence the Aventador V-LP740 name.

Much like German based DMC with their 3 different stages for the Aventador (MVSV and E-GT) the people at Vorsteiner Nero didn’t just call it quits after releasing their first aerodynamic kit in clear carbon fiber … a first addition was the amazing looking front spoiler called the Zaragoza unit.

After an elaborate design and clay modelling sequence Vorsteiner first made a mockup through rapid prototyping that allowed them to completely test fit this new unit onto an existing Lamborghini Aventador before actually producing the part in the much more expensive clear carbon fiber finish.

In fact the Vorsteiner V Zaragoza front spoiler is about 25mm lower compared to the standard Avantador bumper, 25mm wider and a massive 200mm longer … more importanly the Zaragoza spoiler not only looks very impressive, it also improves aerodynamic at the front.

Note that the Zaragoza front spoiler is a one piece carbon fiber unit that fits seamlessly onto the original Lamborghini Aventador front bumper, naturally best combined with the extensive kit of clear carbon fiber parts Vorsteiner already offered for the V12 flagship from Sant’Agata.

The beautiful side sills from Vorsteiner Nero fit onto this new Zaragoza kit too, which has recently been complemented by an absolutely magnificent looking rear wing in an innovative ‘hanging’ design, much like the one we’ve seen on the one-off Lamborghini Aventador J back in 2012.

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