Aventador Inizio by Attivo Designs – Guide

Aventador inizio by attivo designs - guide - lamborghini aventador
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After Lamborghini introduced their new V12 flagship at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show it quickly became obvious the Aventador LP700-4 would become a massive success, and this was also noticed by the many tuning companies out there … while most of them became famous for their Gallardo tuning (a very popular platform due to the high production volume naturally) they were all eager to get their hands on a new Aventador.

The first one to show a complete modification on the latest V12 was Mansory who managed to show the full package, both exterior and interior, at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show … but the list of tuners trying their hand on the Aventador quickly grew … and keeps growing, DMC first created their Molto Veloce kit later followed by a very impressive looking, limited edition SV evolution that would only be built 10 times, Oakley Design made a lot of turbulence by offering a rear wheel drive only Aventador and even a Spyder version ahead of the official Roadster from the factory, but I’ve never seen the Oakley Aventador LP760-2 Spyder in real life to be honest.

Mansory kept developing their product for the Aventador and came up with the LP1250 Carbonado edition while other well known tuners like NovitecHamann and LB-Performance have joined the ranks of the Aventador too … and now there is yet another new player on the market … Attivo Designs based in Canada just unveiled their first modified Aventador … as the Project Inizio, sadly it wasn’t completely finished at the premiere, but more on that later.

In fact the CEO of Attivo Designs Robbie Dickson owned a bright orange metallic Aventador LP700-4, and as an avid car enthusiast he takes his Bull onto the track from time to time (Robbie also owns a Gallardo by the way) … during an event called ‘Race the Base’ back in September 2012 Robbie raced his Aventador over a 3.5km runway reaching 220 Mph … before he ran out of tarmac … overshot the final turn in the process.

That would be the moment Robbie decided to use his engineering background (he actually worked at Rolls Royce in the UK earlier) to create an ‘air brake’ … something we’ve already seen on the Bugatti Veyron before, but he didn’t just want to add a massive piece of carbon fiber in a vertical position to his Aventador … it had to look good … and work at the same time.

To make sure his idea would blend in with the design of the Aventador Robbie teamed up with Lewis Fan and Michael Wong from MW Design Technik to create the Attivo Designs Project Inizio … using his own Aventador as the initial production prototype.

It would take a while to get it all made … inspired by the F22 Raptor, Attivo Designs put together a new aerodynamic package that would be unveiled at an early September 2013 Luxury Supercar Weekend in Vancouver, but both the innovative rear wing / air brake and the rear diffuser weren’t installed yet.

The first difference you’ll notice is the additional spoiler under the front bumper … now we’ve seen an almost identical ‘lip’ like this from DMC as part of their well-known Molto Veloce kit, of which nearly 40 units have been installed on Aventador from all over the world already, so the DMC MV is a success … the Attivo Designs unit on the other hand shows a small vertical fin on the corner, probably inspired by the Aventador J front. The same idea was extended onto the side sills … a thin horizontal carbon fiber unit which on this Project Inizio Aventador receives a backward angled vertical fin just ahead of the rear wheels to make it look different from other famous tuners.

From the teaser shots published by Attivo Design ahead of the Luxury Supercar Weekend it is obvious the car wasn’t finished in time … there should still be a rear diffuser added and more importantly the rear wing … which will double as the air brake Robbie wanted in the first place.

When the Project Inizio rear wing is finished it should raise to a 55 degree angle when the brakes are applied at speeds over 80 Mph … resulting in a 0.7G deceleration force due to the size and shape of the rear wing. Actually raising the large rear wing into the air is done by two linear motion control actuators in less than a second … I sure hope it isn’t ripped from the rear when you hit the brakes at 200 Mph … that would really become a costly repair.

I guess when the Project Inizio will be completely finished it could look great, even on an original Arancio Argos shade Aventador like the one Robbie owned … but that just wasn’t good enough to make people really notice the first Aventador tuned by Attivo Designs … so they asked Wrap Workz to mount an intricate design using different 3M materials to create a look that would be heavily inspired by the F22 Raptor fighter jet.

In the end Wrap Workz mixed 3M Matte Silver, 3M Titanium, 3M Matte Black and 3M Translucent vinyl to create an Aventador like we’ve never seen before … while the exterior wrap already looked awesome as it was Wrap Workz took it to a totally new level by installing orange window tint … even on the windshield … this detail completely transformed the Project Inizio Aventador into an Egoista style hyper car.

Naturally with looks like this you just can’t keep the factory original wheels, so Attivo Designs turned to ADV.1 and had massive ADV5.1 Deep Track Spec wheels installed, 9×20 inch up front and 13×21 inch at the rear with Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires in 255-30 ZR 20 and 355-25 ZR 21 respectively … add the prototype titanium exhaust system with nickel and orange tip and the result is totally predictable.

I for one can’t wait for the finished rear wing from Attivo Designs to be shown … preferably in action, I’m sure it could be very interesting to see how it turned out … and if it works as it should without putting too much strain on the rear section of the Aventador.