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So you’ve missed out on the three Lamborghini Veneno LP750-4 that were unveiled in Geneva back in 2013 and you’re not a Roadster fan either, so the still available Veneno LP750-4 Roadster just isn’t the car for you even if the €3,300,000 (about USD 4,500,000) price tag doesn’t scare you away … you’re stuck with only two options … try to convince one of the current Veneno owners to sell you their car at a substantial premium (the Veneno LP750-4 Bianco changed hands for an undisclosed amount of money) … or get the next best thing: an Aventador with a body kit.

And this is where renowned DMC comes to the rescue … check out the DMC Aventador E-GT, also known as the Edizione-GT … albeit inspired by the Lamborghini Veneno styling this isn’t a replica of that limited edition Bull, in fact it is so much more …

For starters DMC offers both aerodynamic modifications and engine updates for their Edizione-GT, the ultimate tune is called the DMC Aventador LP988-4 E-GT … and you got the picture, this will bring the power output of the already potent V12 up to 988 hp by installing a pair of turbo chargers … the actual power output almost reached the magical 1,000hp mark … but DMC went for ‘only” 988 hp for good luck and not to stress the engine any further, reliability is more important than pushing too far.

So that means you’ll have the option of having more power than you most likely will ever need on the open road … but DMC also offers the looks to match all this brutal force … one of the most often made comments about the Lamborghini Veneno was the fact the styling was over the top, I personally don’t agree with that as I think the Veneno looks absolutely stunning … but DMC took their Edizione-GT exterior to an extreme …without going too far.

For one this isn’t a wide body conversion, the overall width of this Aventador remained the same, but that’s about all that remained original, the entire front section, rear section and side sills are totally new, where the DMC Aventador Molto Veloce is a very stylish aerodynamic package and the DMC Aventador Spezial Version is the Stage 2 limited edition evolution (all 10 units are sold out in fact), this Stage 3 takes styling to a totally new level … the E-GT does take a lot of styling ideas from GT racing, just take a look at that massive clear carbon fiber rear wing.

The E-GT rear wing is a real motorsports inspired unit, with adjustable struts and vertical stabilization fins this wing alone will transform any factory standard Lamborghini Aventador into a street legal race car … and it is just the start of the DMC Aventador E-GT package.

Below this rear wing DMC removes the entire rear section of the original Aventador and replaces it with their own clear carbon fiber unit, complete with triangular styled air vents in the center and a multitude of vertical fins on the lower diffuser … I’m sure the DMC Aventador E-GT will drive at high speed like she’s on rails.

At the side we find a new set of lower sills, again in clear carbon fiber but with a small red pinstripe … a detail inspired by the Veneno Rosso naturally, at the front the horizontal styling will increase down force while in front of the rear wheel DMC uses another vertical fin … this not only directs more air onto the rear brakes but it also doubles as a stabilizer for straight line high speed driving.

Up front the entire bumper is replaced with a DMC unit, no more Aventador style air intakes here but instead a massively low fin, with a red line, and large intakes styled in line with the original Veneno, but still very different with the sloping fins in the intake … both these fins and the lower section are formed and angled in such a way they all increase down force at speed … the DMC Aventador E-GT feels like it is glued to the road.

So all the above makes for a very impressive Lamborghini Aventador … but DMC went the extra mile and had a completely different engine cover created for their Edizione-GT. Now we’ve seen Veneno inspired engine covers from tuners like Hamann on their Nervudo and Limited or from FAB Design … but you have to admit none of those even come close to the DMC unit. This isn’t just an intake glued on top of the original engine cover, nope, DMC completely replaces the factory unit with a new one that looks so much more aggressive while it also is functional … it actually draws more air into the engine compartment, which in case of this hot headed V12 Raging Bull is a good thing.

And I saved the best for last … the original MSRP on the Lamborghini Veneno was about US$4,000,000 before taxes, and if you want to acquire one now it will take a lot more … the Veneno Verde is not for sale, the Veneno Bianco recently changed hands hence is most likely no longer available on the market either … however the Veneno Rosso is for sale at the moment of writing (June 2014) for US$5,500,000. The Veneno Roadster is listed at US$4,500,000 … with both Veneno having 750hp available a fully tuned DMC Aventador LP988-4 Edizione-GT will leave them behind on the straight line on sheer power alone … if that doesn’t put a smile on your face think about the price … the entire Edizione-GT aerodynamic package complete with twin turbo engine tuning is available at US$288,000 … add US$450,000 for an Aventador and you’re still a long way from any Veneno pricing.

Ok the DMC Aventador E-GT might not have the same pedigree as the multi-million dollar Veneno does, but it isn’t even in the same league when it comes to price either … and the entire kit will also fit onto the Aventador Roadster (without the special engine cover naturally) so for less than 25% of the list price on a Veneno Roadster you’ll end up with a DMC Aventador LP988-4 Roadster Edizione-GT that offers more power … the only competition you might encounter would be a Mansory Aventador Carbonado Apertos … but with 1,200 hp under the accelerator I wouldn’t press it down too hard or this lady will bite back … only three Apertos will be made and they are priced at €1,200,000 each … for that kind of money you’ll be able to get a DMC Aventador LP988-4 Edizione-GT for the weekend, a DMC Huracán LP610-4 Affari and still have change to buy a nice Gallardo LP570-4 Performante for your ‘significant other’ … so put in your order with DMC now …