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At the moment the Lamborghini Gallardo range is rather extensive, several standard models like the LP560-4 and LP560-4 Spyder version are available, but on request you can also order an LP550-2 or LP550-2 Spyder with rear wheel drive only, or how about the LP570-4 Superleggera, the high power, lightweight version ... and the open top counterpart, the LP570-4 Performante.

And we aren't finished yet, there is also the limited edition Super Trofeo Stradale available ... all this could make your buying experience at the local Lamborghini dealership somewhat difficult, first you've got to decide which model to buy, determine if you like all-wheel drive or you would go for the more challenging rear wheel drive only ... and if you make you mind up about this, go for closed coupé or for a convertible version, or as the Italian call it ... the Spyder.

And by the time you've got the basics covered you have the option list, and if you really want to go all the way you order an Ad Personam edition ... which will be made just for you, with all the special options and shades you like ... life isn't always easy getting your first Lamborghini right?

It appears Automobili Lamborghini SpA will have an answer ready for you by 2014, when the Gallardo will be replaced by a brand new 'entry level' Raging Bull, probably with a nice MSRP of about $200,000 the new V10 Lamborghini will be shown as a concept in 2013 already, but most likely the first deliveries of actual customer cars (not showroom cars for dealers that normally can not be sold the first six months or so) will only happen from 2014 on.

As usual nothing is officially stated about this Gallado Successor, it could be called Cabrera, or perhaps Huracán (which has been registered by Automobili Lamborghini SpA too), but what we did already learn from a recent interview with Michael Lock, COO of Lamborghini America, published by Car and Driver, is that the near endless list of versions, limited editions and specifications seen on the Gallardo will not be available on the new V10 model.

The basics will be there, a standard car with either rear wheel or all-wheel drive, probably called LP600-2  and LP600-4 respectively, soon after the initial closed coupé version a new Spyder edition will come around, but it is unsure if it will also come as rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive ... most likely Lamborghini will only offer one Spyder model this time.

Naturally the lightweight, race inspired V10 will be back, why not call it the LP630-4 Superleggera for now, a bit more power and some weight loss will put this lady right back at the top of the list when it comes to choosing your new Lamborghini. But a model like the Gallardo LP570-4 Performante will most likely not be returning to the order books, this time Automobili Lamborghini wants to offer a closed version, a Spyder and a lightweight edition ... no more mix of just about everything possible.

One thing was made quite obvious, there will be no more manual gearbox in a Raging Bull after the Gallardo is replaced, all Lamborghini models will come with an evolution of the by now well-known e-Gear transmission ... let's face it, these days it is very unlikely a lot of owners will be able to 'outrun' the automatic gear changes from the e-Gear system anyway ... for those few professionals out there that still prefer manual gear changes it will be difficult to live with.

So when will we be seeing any of these models? Most likely a concept of some kind will come up in 2013 already, if the Aventador Roadster isn't shown in Paris in a few weeks I guess it will be delayed to the 2013 Geneva show, that would mean the Gallardo successor could be shown at the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt, if not it will most likely be unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show ... all we can do is wait.

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Gallardo successor to be released in 2014

August 29. 2012

Text © Mark Smeyers

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The Gallardo successor, which could be called Cabrera, should be available in both all wheel drive and rear wheel drive only.
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Soon after the initial model release of the Gallardo successor a convertible version should be released, probably called Cabrera LP600-4 Spyder
1280x853px (2400x1600px)

Naturally there will also be a high power, lightweight version of the Gallardo successor available, why not a Cabrera LP630-4 Superleggera ?
1280x853px (2400x1600px)

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