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The number of tuners that have released aerodynamic parts for the Lamborghini Aventador since it was introduced back in 2011 has been increasing steadily over the last two years … the order book on the original Aventador LP700-4 and the Roadster evolution is filled up for at least 18 months today, the limited edition LP720-4 that celebrates 50 years of Automobili Lamborghini SpA has been sold out by now too (100 Coupé and 100 Roadsters were available) … so it is safe to say the Aventador is a success for Lamborghini … and when a lot of units of a specific exotic are made and available on the market one thing is certain … several owners will want to modify their car into something more unique, installing a custom aerodynamic kit is one way to go.

One of the first to offer a full customization package for the Aventador was Mansory … loved by some, hated by others … but Mansory did manage to put down a completely overhauled Aventador exactly one year after the initial unveil … but it came with a price: €600,000 as just about every outer panel and the entire interior was replaced. A more economical option was offered by DMC with their Aventador Molto Veloce kit … front spoiler, side sills, rear lower diffuser and a stunning rear wing made up for a very nice looking package … later DMC released the Spezial Version of their initial kit with a totally different front bumper and full, clear carbon fiber rear section for the Aventador.

Once production of the Aventador got on the way and people were taking delivery of their car the requests for a personal touch had several existing and new tuning companies all over the world thinking about releasing some parts for this V12 flagship from Sant’Agata … among these companies we find Oakley DesignRenm PerformancePrindivilleLB Performance and recently two well-known names were added to the list … Novitec with their Torado line and Hamann Motorsport with the Nervudo … now an additional player comes up.

Misha Designs has been known for their impressive Porsche and Mercedes tuning, in 2014 they intend to design and develop aerodynamic parts for Lamborghini too … the Aventador is the first one to receive the Misha touch. Initial design and prototyping has already been done by Misha and the first real Aventador by Misha Design will be shown at the 2013 SEMA show … a bright orange metallic Aventador LP700-4 supplied by CNC Motors will be dressed up with the new front bumper unit, side sills and massive rear wing … Misha Designs also has a lower rear diffuser made for the Aventador but that part didn’t meet the deadline for the SEMA show unfortunately.

This orange Aventador by Misha Designs will be shown at the Savini booth at SEMA … wearing some impressive wheels from the latter naturally, on the photos we received the wheels aren’t mounted yet, but these standard Iperione rims will be removed and some larger Savini units will take their place.

Keeping in mind Misha Designs calls this their Stage 1 add on kit … so that would mean there is a Stage 2 version in the pipeline too … I guess that one will be more aggressive and feature different parts … anyway, the first impression of this Aventador by Misha Designs is good, the rear wing might be a bit big for some but I’m sure others will really love this addition to the list of tuners.

As mentioned the official unveil will be held at the 2013 SEMA Auto Show, but you can already put in a pre-order for these parts by getting in touch with Misha Designs